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Work Environment in An IT Company: Expectation Vs Reality

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Working for an IT company is common nowadays, given the increase in numbers of IT companies getting expanded from last 6-8 years. However, people who have minimal experience working in IT firms are obsessed with the work environment of an IT based company. We are here to break the top 5 myths about working in an IT firm which people usually believe without giving any second thought:

Expectation 1. Office Space is Always Cleaner Than Other Conventional Offices

Do you think every IT firm keeps its office crystal clean? Well, this can not be any far from the reality.

Reality: Where most of the companies hire commercial cleaning Toronto for managing their office cleaning work, there are many in the industry who try to cut the costs by not spending the required amount in their office’s cleanliness. Result? IT firms get as messy as it can get:

Flickr/ Graham Brenna

Expectation 2. Employees Reap The Benefits of Flexible Office Timings

It is one of the most talked about things about working in an IT firm. Timings are really flexible there. Employees also get options to work from home on laptops. Not every job offers this kind of flexibility.

Reality: Flexible timings in IT companies are only given to those who don’t abuse this. This is a rare thing. IT employees usually misuse the benefit of flexible timings by coming way too late. According to this article, showing up late at the office is probably the major cause of getting fired.

Expectation 3. Lucrative Salaries For Everyone

Salaries being given in IT industries are huge. It is said that big IT companies give million dollars in salaries to their senior leadership. As long as people are interested in computers, the IT industry’s payouts will only get bigger.

Reality: Only deserving employees, who provide value to their companies are rewarded with greater salaries. And this is not just limited to the IT industry. If you see the picture below, you’ll find that an electrical engineer’s average salary is quite close to a software engineer’s average salary:

Figures from payscale

Expectation 4. Relaxed Environment

Do you think there is no stress in software companies? Is it really true that most of the office time gets spent near cafeteria or in the “relaxing” room?

Reality: IT employees are some of the most overworked minds in the world. Although they don’t undergo severe physical barriers like a roofer but they have to stress their minds out in order to get things going in right direction.

Expectation 5. Leadership Always Cares About The Employees

Is it true that the senior leadership is there to back the employees when things get dirty? Is this kind of work ethics is only limited to the IT business corps? There are speculations by people from non-IT backgrounds that pleasing your bosses is much more easier in an IT company than a low-level business. Is it really true?

Reality: This is, again, proved to be only partly true expectation. The truth is, every successful company has a dynamic leadership which connects with the field employees. This is not just limited to the IT companies. This should be looked as a benchmark to achieve in every kind of work environment.

Hope you liked the article. Please share this article with your friends so that these myths about IT companies get busted sooner!


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