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Top 10 Field Service Management Software Systems

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Field Service Managements Software solutions are a must have for any organization that deploys personnel in the field to deal with installation, service work, and repairs. The functions performed by this kind of software include synchronizing inventory and other business systems, scheduling duties, tracking employee digital footprints, and tracking vehicles in the logistic chain among other functions. Here is a list of the top 10 field service software for small business available in the market.

  1. mHelp Desk
Credit: Pixabay

This software helps organize and manage service requests, reports, billing, and customer relationships. The software is deployed via cloud and remote workstations. It uses Apple, Windows, and Linux operating systems. The system has been around for the last decade and boasts of 13,000 subscribers.

  1. Service Fusion
Credit: Service Fusion

This cloud-based software offers GPS fleet tracking, field service management, and credit card processing. The key features of this software are customer management, scheduling, dispatch, inventory, invoicing, tracking and payroll. This is a field service software for small business. It works on Apple, Windows, and Linux.

  1. Service Box
Credit: Service Box

This is a software that is ideal for both commercial and residential service providers. The target market is plumbers, repairmen, locksmiths, and cleaning companies. Key features of this software are work orders, reports, bills, time-sheets for individual worksheets and maintenance management tools. This software integrates with accounting software QuickBooks, and Canadian Sage 50.

  1. Dataforma
Credit: Dataforma

Dataforma was initially designed for roofing contractors. Currently, the software is used by traders in the world of construction. The software has four management modules for customers, and nine modules for businesses. The customer modules include a calendar, contacts and correspondence systems. The business modules include work order, project, and document management. This software is available for monthly subscription.

  1. SAMPro Enterprises
Credit: SAMPro Enterprises

This is an accounting and service management software. The applications offered in this software include inventory and requisitioning, Quoting, Service Dispatching, and CRM among others. The unique feature of this software is the Tech Anywhere feature that gives field personnel access to current information and work orders via Android. The software is deployed remotely.

  1. Biznus Soft Field Services
Credit: Biznus Soft

This is a software that helps businesses to manage their operating cycle. Some key features of this software are quotation, contract, and invoicing management. The software is deployed via cloud, but has an offline mode for Android, which syncs data once connectivity is restored. This software is suitable for a variety of industries such as healthcare, construction, and utilities.

  1. Visual Planning
Credit: Visual Planning

This is a software tailored to enterprise project management needs. It keeps graphs and reports updated in real time. This is done by deploying tools that manage budgets, workloads, and individual projects. It has several levels of access privileges and is compatible with different database management systems.

  1. Oracle Service Cloud Software
Credit: Oracle

This is a suite of support applications and customer service apps that fall under the Oracle brand. It offers customer service touchpoints such as mobile, web, and social media. This connects customers with service representatives thereby creating a multi-channel ticket management system. The software has analytics to aid the representatives’ route trending issues, and engage clients using these channels.

  1. Foto Notes
Credit: Foto Notes

This cloud-based software is ideal for small and mid-sized enterprises. Its functionality includes customizable forms and photo data for field work, work order and user management, and reporting. This software allows workers to configure workflow, manage a directory of vendors and enter customer’s details.

  1. High Point  GPS Fleet Tracking
Credit: High Point GPS

This is a cloud-based software that enables companies to track their fleet in real time. Each vehicle in the fleet has a tracking device with a cellular connection that gives real-time location. Through this system, fleet managers can locate each car in the fleet by color, make, and usage.


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