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The Ultimate Guide to Getting Your Legs Ripped Like a Soccer Star

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Football players like Lionel Messi and Diego Maradona have many things in common. For one, they all come from a country that overflows with soccer talent, Argentina. Secondly, they all have exceptional soccer skills. Lastly, they have strong, muscular legs. If you want to look like your favorite soccer player, here is an inside scoop on the best exercise to tone legs.

  1. Squats
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Performing squats helps increase the muscle and volume of your legs. If you are a beginner, ensure that you start off with free weight squats. Only perform squats when carrying weights once you have become comfortable with the motions involved . Squats are considered a compound exercise that work out the gluteal muscle, quads, hamstrings, and calves at a go.

  1. Deadlift
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This is the second exercise that you need to perform if you set out to build your leg muscles. If you are a beginner, gradually progress from light weights to heavier weights. The muscle groups targeted by deadlift exercises are the gluteal muscles and the hamstrings. Deadlift exercises also strengthen back muscles, and this promotes a better posture.  Overall, deadlift exercises will increase the size of the lower body and make it more proportionate to the upper body. This is not only aesthetically appealing, but also improves stability.

  1. Lunges
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Lunges work on the calf muscles, the quads, and the glutes. Apart from working on this major muscle groups, lunges even out imbalances in the body and thus promote core strength. Beginners can start with no weights and progress to heavier weights as they become adept at executing lunges.

  1. Calf Raise
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Calf muscles are tough to grow. This is because some people naturally have small calf muscles. Secondly, calf muscles have a high resistance to workloads on account of regular walking. The remedy to dealing with this minor headache is to shock them by subjecting them to massive weight workouts. Execute this calf raises when either sitting or standing. This should be done at least twice a week. This is one of the best exercise to tone legs.

  1. Bleacher Workouts
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Bleacher workouts comprise of a set of three exercises. Begin by sprinting up the seats and walking down once you get to the top landing. This sprint, at half speed, should be done at least five times. Follow this up by doing push-ups. With your feet on the first level of the bleacher seats and your hands on the floor, perform as many push-ups as you can. Rest for 10 seconds. Move to the bottom landing and do flat push-ups. Repeat this motion at least thrice.

The third exercise that you perform during bleacher workouts is stair jumps. Standing at the lowest bleacher seat, jump to higher level seats with your legs together softly. Once you have reached the top walk down and repeat this motion at least six times.  Do at least two sets of stair-jump workouts.

Do the above consistently and you’ll soon get your legs ripped like a soccer star.


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