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The Top 7 Best Google Forms Alternatives

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Forms are an essential part of any data gathering operation. This can be something as simple as a subscriber form that only collects basic data. This would include name and email only. You can also have forms that are much longer and can segment a database or be used for client management and delivery or service tracking.

No matter what you’re using the form for, you will need it to be reliable and easy to use. Reliability is very important as you will need the information that is inputted into the form to be saved in the correct place for easy retrieval. Ease of use is important too as you need your users, and your team to be able to input information accurately and completely.

There is a lot of buzz around Google Forms, this is largely due to the Google name. The Google form system is very good for certain applications. However, it does lack a few elements that allow you to get the form functionality that you’re looking for.

So, which form builder service should you use? If you are looking for possible options, we’ve gathered some of the best Google Forms alternatives below:

Alternative #1: ProntoForms

Smart form building, with no code required. The forms that you will be able to build using ProntoForms could not be easier to design and use. The ProntoForms team has developed a drag and drop form builder. This means that you have full control over the look and feel of the form.

With a form builder like ProntoForms, you will be able to handle many complex business processes with ease. Not only will you be able to create workflows based on form submission, but you will also be able to update client records in real time.

This type of form submission can be done remotely on a tablet or smartphone. By creating an app to manage your business needs, you will be giving your team the ability to carry out complex tasks efficiently and easily. Eliminating the need for paper-based documents, transcribing, and all of the potential for errors that come with it.

Alternative #2: Wufoo

This is an app with some serious history. This app can trace it’s origins all the way back to 1999. It is also part of Survey Monkey, so you know it has some serious chops. Longevity is no measure of quality in the digital game, however, Wufoo does deliver. From the drag and drop design style to the payment processing technology, Wufoo has created an app that they can be proud of.

Alternative #3: JotForm

The number one thing about JotFrom that is impressive is that it is very fast to set up a form an publish it. In no time you will have created the form and it will be ready to use.

You will not be treated to any surprises with JotForm, what it lacks in ingenuity it more than makes up for in clean design and ease of use.

4. Airtable Forms

This one requires a little bit more effort to set up. Instead of building a form first, you will start off with a database with Airtable Forms. This may sound a little backwards, and well, it is. This form functions more like a database than a straightforward form submission front end.

For some businesses, these quirks might be an advantage. For example, if you are a data-heavy business that needs to be constantly segmenting your database then this might be the option for you. If you need to have a form that can be used easily by multiple teams in the field as well as in the office then you should look for Pronto forms as an alternative.

Alternative #5: Formstack

This form creation tool can work wonders. You will be able to design all of the forms that you need to gather the information from your clients and team members in real time.

It has a workflows feature, this can be set up so that the relevant team member in your organization is alerted to the pertinent, actionable information at the moment that it is submitted.

Alternative #6: Typeforms

Typeform has a wonderfully easy to use interface. With multiple choice and dropdown options, you will be able to create whatever form that you need. You can also embed the from wherever you want. There are some really good design options for mobile that include oversize buttons. This can make the submission of forms much easier when out in the field.

Alternative #7: Zoho Forms

Zoho is so much more than a form creation platform. You can use their program to make CRM, email delivery and much more. Once you start using Zoho you will be able to manage every bit of data you gather from the customer and then follow up with relevant communication.

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