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The 7 Obvious and Subtle Signs of Cheating Men

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Do you find yourself in relationships where the man is always cheating on you? You will need to arm yourself with the knowledge of what to look out for so that you are not repeatedly taken for a fool.

If you suspect he might be cheating on you, confirm your suspicions with these seven telltale signs of cheating men:

Sign #1: He Starts Treating You Differently

If you notice a shift in his behavior towards you, this could be one of the biggest signs of cheating men. He might start spending less time with you. You may have previously loved to watch movies together and cuddle but now he is too busy on his computer. Couples are known to be the best at gossiping, so when he stops talking to you or telling you about how his day was, that is a red flag. If he also stops paying attention to you or calling you by your pet name, or you notice your relationship has lost intimacy, he is probably seeing someone else.

Conversely, some men are eaten up by guilt and tend to be nicer to you. He might start paying more attention to you or even buy you presents when it is not your birthday or anniversary. He does all this to make himself feel better and to justify infidelity. For those dating girls, if he asks you to stop calling him at night and instead text, the truth is there is someone else with whom he is playing you with.

Sign #2: He Starts Being Unpredictable

Your husband or boyfriend may start going everywhere with his phone, including the bathroom, a habit he seems to have recently picked up. He might also start working long hours at the office and claim he needs to work on weekends. He could also suddenly want to go out with his friends more often and have periods of times where he is not with his friends, or at his workplace, or at home.

He might also start making spontaneous business trips, or out of town guy trips. Observe his emotions when returns from his business trips. You might pick up guilt on his face.

Sign #3: Mood Swings

Mood swings are obvious signs of cheating men. A cheater more often than not becomes quarrelsome, hypercritical and easily irritable. He does this to try and shift his shame and guilt on to you. He might try to provoke you in the presence of your friends by criticizing or talking to you rudely. The reason he does this is to get you to fight back and eventually blame you for the problems in your relationship. He might also do this if he is looking for an excuse to leave the house so he can with his lover. ‘I need time to be alone’ is the phrase he is most likely to use.

Sign #4: He Is Suddenly Interested in His Appearance

Cheating men always change physically. He was previously comfortable in his body, clothes and general appearance; then suddenly out of nowhere he starts going to the gym to lose weight, changes his entire wardrobe and is now concerned about the signs of aging. These could be some of the most obvious signs of cheating men.

If you are one of those girls who do not live with their boyfriends, you might notice a new tendency to ‘clean up’ before letting you into his house or car, and woe to you if you pay him a surprise visit as this will only upset him. If this is a man you are living with, he might start taking showers immediately he comes home, a habit he appears to have picked up recently. He probably is scared of you smelling another woman’s fragrance on him.

Sign #5: His Personal Preferences and Interests Have Changed

You might have noticed a negative change in your relationship and decide to try and rekindle the romance by cooking him dinner. You want everything to go perfectly; so you make his favorite dish and have his best wine and favorite music playing in the background. Unlike before, your husband or boyfriend comes home and is unappreciative of the meal you have made and even complains about your choice of music. He is probably seeing someone else.

Sign #6: He Needs Increased Privacy

An increased need for privacy could be indicative signs of cheating men. He might start complaining that the kids and other noises are interfering with his concentration on work and needs to close his door. Being the good wife or girlfriend you are, you decide to take to him some coffee while he is ‘working’ in his office. Immediately you open the door he slams shut his computer screen and starts behaving in a weird manner. You probably almost caught him conversing with his side piece. Another thing you need to watch out for is his constant need to make private calls to his ‘mom’ or ‘brother’.

Sign #7: He Conceals His Financial Information

He writes his own checks and hides the cheque book or opens a new checking ‘business’ account. You might also notice some new charges on your joint account, and he becomes very defensive when you ask him about it. Always question all random transfers or withdrawals. If you are not careful, you may be buying another woman her dream home without knowing. Go through his pockets and check if there are receipts for motels or expensive dinners for two you were not part of.

If your partner exhibits just one of the above behaviours, you may not have much to worry about. However, if he is showing signs of two or more of these changes, it might be time to dig a little deeper and find the whole truth. You may have to end the relationship or get a divorce if the love between you two cannot be salvaged anymore.

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