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The 7 Best Types of Metal Roofs

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The best types of metal roof can be used for any facility such as stores, homes, offices, barns, hotels and many other facilities. Installing a metal roof may not be the first choice, but there are some significant benefits for installing these kinds of roof. Some key benefits include zero maintenance. Plus, the variety of styles to choose from enables you to personalize any facility. And, they are fire-resistant, energy-efficient and proven for longevity.

Metal roofs are an excellent solution for locations that experience extreme weather or wildfires, since metal is a sustainable and durable resource compared to asphalt and cedar. You can even recycle these materials should you decide to change your roof after its lifespan.  With metal roofs, all facilities can achieve energy savings, aesthetics and home protection for a very long time. They even complement any home architectural design and are environmentally friendly.

Once you have learned about the various metal roofs, try to contact a professional roofing company to help you choose the best type of metal roof for your facility. Here are the seven best types of metal roofs that you may want to install:

Type #1: Copper roofs

Considered to be a premium roof material, a copper roof is the best type of metal roofs that have been used for centuries. This roofing type has been growing in popularity for home construction.

These types of metal roof offer a fantastic curb appeal and a permanent roofing solution. Even though copper roofs might cost you a little upfront, but the costs are worth the value. You will invest in a roof that will stay intact for many decades. In addition, copper is lightweight; therefore, it places less stress on the structural support of your home.

Type #2: Aluminum roofs

With proven performance and a 50+ year life expectancy, the aluminum roof is energy-efficient, fire-resistant and mold resistant. Aluminum offers the best combination of strength and low weight, making it ideal for roof fittings. Plus, they are rust-free and completely recyclable. These roofs provide shine and brightness to enhance the overall appearance of the facility.

Type #3: Zinc roofs

Resilient, flexible and cost-effective, zinc can last for hundreds of years even when exposed to extreme weather conditions. If offers classic beauty and can eliminate blemishes or scratches with its self-healing inherent abilities. Like all other metal roofs, zinc is fire-resistant, insect-proof and mildew/fungus-proof.

Type #4: Steel roofs

Steel roofs are trendy and are currently used for many commercial constructions. Steel can also be used for residential and industrial facilities. Steel is always a solid choice that is adaptable to any surrounding. This metal type offers energy efficiency, durability and lasting beauty all this at an affordable cost.

You are not limited to its natural color as steel can be painted using different colors. Steel is 100% recyclable and practically maintenance-free. You also can benefit from possible insurance savings for using a steel roof.

Type #5: Galvalume steel roofs

This is the best type of metal roofs that combines different kinds of metal with steel for optimized performance. They are made as steel panels with a coating of corrosion-resistant aluminum and zinc through a hot-dip process. It can self-heal small scratches and corrosion by producing a chemical bond resistance.

This is a perfect roofing choice for long-lasting performance as it has been tested to last in extreme atmospheres. Galvalume steel has exhibited excellent corrosion resistance during these tests.

Type #6: Tin metal roofs

Believe it or not, tin roofs can last for 60 years if maintained well. Tin is made of soft metals and is coated with an extra layer of protective material to ensure the roof will last for an extended period. Tin roofs consist of steel and terneplate that combines tin, lead and zinc.

This is the best type of metal roof for those with a limited budget. It is weather and heat resistant, and if precisely installed, will last for decades. The price for tin roofs can be as little as $9000 depending on the slope, pitch and size of the roof. You can easily take care of these roofs yourself with a yearly gentle scrub or replace them as needed due to its low cost.

Type #7: Corrugated metal roofs

Corrugated types of roofs combine metals of iron and steel. These roofs, like all other metal roofs, are energy-efficient and long-lasting. They are cost-effective and preferred material for roofing solutions, especially for agricultural and industrial buildings.

Lately, this type of metal roof is gaining popularity for home construction. The combination of metals and its corrugated form offers many benefits. It is rust-free and insect-proof. It is capable of withstanding harsh weather conditions. If you consider this roofing system for your facility, make sure it consists of thick panels and quality coating to achieve longevity. Proper maintenance over the years will also ensure the longevity of your roof.

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