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Pro Tips for Preventing Enamel Loss

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Are your aware that the enamel coating on your teeth is the hardest material in your body?  It protects your teeth from sensitivity and decay.  Do not be deceived, however, by the apparent strength, it is quite fragile. The enamel can be destroyed by what you eat and how hard you brush. It is not possible to replace the enamel once it is destroyed. We have put together some tips for preventing enamel loss and how to protect tooth enamel naturally.

  1. Use Dairy Products
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Make dairy products such as cheese your friend. Cheese contains calcium as well as phosphate, which will help strengthen weak enamel.  Eating cheese has another advantage – it increases secretion of saliva, which rinses away acidic residues from your teeth.

  1. Avoid Taking Soda
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If you are addicted to soda, then you are putting your teeth in danger.  The sugar and acid in the soda enhance production of bacteria which cause decay. Try to completely avoid soda even the sugar-free ones from your diet.  You are better off with other options such as water or unsweetened iced tea.

  1. Take Citrus Fruits in Moderation
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Your body needs a constant supply of vitamins and fiber, which is found in citrus fruit.  Eating fruits, however, endangers your enamel as fruits are acidic.  Fruits such as lemons or lemon-flavored drinks and oranges cause havoc on your teeth.  Fruits should be taken in moderation to minimize enamel loss. When you take fruits, it is advisable to take water immediately to flash out the acid.

  1. Chewing Gum after Meals
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It is recommended that you chew a sugar-free gum to protect your enamel. Chewing gum increases the flow of saliva.  This, in turn, removes acid from your teeth.  It may not, however, be possible to use this approach all the time.  Some people do not like chewing gum and some may be in an environment where it would not be acceptable. In that case. you can use other methods.

  1. Frequent Teeth Brushing
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It is good practice to brush your teeth at least twice daily.  This helps to reduce the incidence of cavities.  It is, however, not advisable to brush immediately after a meal.  It is good to wait at least 30 minutes to give your teeth time as the acidity from the food can make the teeth sensitive.

  1. Regular Visit to Your Dentist
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Not many people look forward to visiting a dentist. Going to the dentist may not be your favorite pastime either.  If you want to protect your teeth, then you really have no choice.  Make a habit of visiting a dentist regularly. An Oshawa dentist will be in a position to note any damage to your enamel.  He will give you tips on how to reduce the deterioration.

  1. Drink in Moderation
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Your favorite drink can also be a danger to your teeth.  Some beverages that are alcoholic in nature also have a lot of sugar. Others like the red wines tend to be acidic.  If your preference is wine, beer or cocktails, moderation is necessary. This is because alcoholic beverages may also dehydrate your mouth, reducing the saliva secretion.  Anytime you drink an alcoholic drink, follow it up with a sip of water to safeguard your teeth.

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