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9 Small Bathroom Paint Ideas and Design Techniques

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Choosing the right color scheme for a small bathroom can be a difficult task. It’s easy to feel limited by your space and unsure of how to bring the most out of your space. Fortunately, there are a few effective small bathroom paint ideas that you can use to help your bathroom appear bigger!

Idea #1: Create An Accent Wall

Adding a vibrant accent wall is a one of the best small bathroom paint ideas. When done correctly, this design technique can add new energy to your bathroom. An accent wall will help you integrate multiple colors in your bathroom which will help it appear larger.

Avoid using two bright colors for your walls and accent wall. If you paint your bathroom a light blue, a vibrant, bold blue wall will help accentuate the rest of your bathroom. You can also use a stone or tile pattern to accentuate your accent wall in addition to paint.

Idea #2: Try Bright, Powerful Colors

Using light, bright colors is one of the easiest tricks you can use to help your bathroom seem bigger. This is one of the best small bathroom paint ideas that gives you the flexibility to create an environment you enjoy while helping your bathroom seem larger. The colors you choose have a huge effect on the ambiance which you can use to your advantage to create a bathroom that reflects your desired living space.

Idea #3: Create A Soothing Atmosphere

Soft calming colors are great small bathroom paint ideas, especially if you have a family with young children. Light green, olive green, and even dark greens all work to create a soothing environment. You can pair your green walls with bright, white fixtures and the contrast will help your bathroom appear bigger and brighter.

Blues are also an excellent choice for creating a refreshing ambiance. Subdued shades such as baby blue or powder blue help create a fresh look in your bathroom. You can also use bright colors like yellow to add a bit of flair to your blue space.

Idea #4: Go For A Majestic Look

If you want your bathroom full of energy, painting with bold and bright colours are the best choice. Orange is a color known for exuding energy and warmth. You can complement your orange walls with white counters to create a clean contrast between the two colors.

You can also use a darker, more rusty orange to create a look that goes well with wood accessories. Orange tile is also a unique look you can use for the wall inside your shower which will act as a great accent wall in contrast to the white surfaces.

Idea #5: Create Something Dramatic

Black is an underrated color for a small bathroom. Black blends well with many different colors, and in combination with white or silver, it helps create a highly sophisticated appearance to any bathroom. Black bathrooms also look great with bright green plants and rich wood surfaces used as accessories. You can also use the high contrast between black and white to help your bathroom seem brighter and bigger.

Idea #6: Use Patterns In Your Bathroom Accessories

Using patterns is an easy way you can complement the colors in your bathroom. Accessories such as your shower curtain, artwork, and wallpaper can accentuate your bathroom with unique patterns. You can use contrasting colors to help bring specific elements of your bathroom in focus. Using vertical patterns is a great way to help make your bathroom appear larger. You can also use tile to create unique patterns on your shower walls.

Idea #7: Choose High LRV Paint

Paint with high light reflectance value (LRV) is excellent for helping your bathroom appear bigger and brighter. The higher the LRV level, the more light is able to bounce around the room. The effect of this type of paint is especially noticeable if you have a window that lets natural light into your bathroom. Using paint with low LRV causes the colors to absorb light which can bring the energy of your bathroom down.

Idea #8: Neutral Colors Can Help Create An Elegant Look

There’s nothing wrong with sticking to traditional bathroom colors, especially if you want to create an elegant space. Taupe is a color that mixes extremely well with brown and grey accents. Taupe and white are colors that can easily pair with a variety of bathroom fixtures.

Warm grey is another color that can help make your bathroom seem brighter. Warm grey walls will help your white towels and accessories stand out more which adds a nice touch to your decor.

Idea #9: Don’t Forget About The Ceiling

Adding color to your ceiling is a great way to inject depth and contrast to your bathroom. Making the ceiling a darker shade than the walls can help give your bathroom a refreshed look. Adding color to the ceiling creates an immediate visual impact which creates a modern ambiance. Using a light ceiling color with dark walls will add depth and help your small bathroom feel larger.

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