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9 Best Advantages of Living in Rural Areas

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City life isn’t for everyone. Expensive housing, busy streets and noisy buildings can wear you down over time. Perhaps you’ve already traded the convenience of downtown living for the room and slower pace of the suburbs. While you likely face a longer commute, you can also afford a bigger home with fewer neighbours.

Have you ever considered going one step further, by moving to a rural community? There are a wide range of advantages of living in rural areas. Before you rule it out, worried that it might feel too remote, give some real thought to the perks of country life.

Here are nine advantages of living in rural areas to get you thinking about the possibilities:

Advantage #1: Reduced Cost of Living

The reduced cost of living is one of the best advantages of living in rural areas. There’s no mistaking the lower cost of living in rural communities. From taxes paid to grocery bills, landscaping and home repair rates, it is far less expensive to live in the country. Gas prices in rural areas are often lower and of course the cost of parking is almost always free. If you’re lucky, you’ll live near a farmer’s market and have access to inexpensive, fresh produce.

Advantage #2: Cost Effective Building

With a lower cost of land and room to build, a rural property could be the perfect place to build your dream home. With the right contractors, you can enjoy top-quality construction, without the mark-ups paid for city or suburban jobs. With flexibility in price, you can add that dream kitchen, that luxury mudroom or that expansive sunroom you’ve always wanted.

Advantage #3: Privacy

Naturally, a key benefit to country living is your privacy. Surrounded by open fields, trees or shrubs, your neighbours are likely to be the local wildlife, rather than people who can see right into your home. Rural living is known for its peaceful, private feeling, the true opposite of city life.

Advantage #4: Room to Grow

Whether you buy an existing home or decide to build something new, a rural property affords you the room to expand. Perhaps you’ve always wanted a sprawling bungalow or a separate guest house? Maybe an extensive man cave or she-shack is on your wish list? The size and affordability of rural properties allows you to dream a little wider and bigger. In rural areas, there should be plenty of acreages for sale if you wish to expand your living quarters.

Advantage #5: Strong Sense of Community

With fewer people living in your local community, you’ll naturally have a greater sense of connection to them. In rural areas, neighbours often need to help one another—whether with a piece of equipment for the land or something much smaller. Recognizing and supporting one another is a key part of the community felt in many rural areas.

Advantage #6: Clean Air

Surrounded by farmland, trees and greenery, you’ll almost certainly upgrade the quality of the air you breathe with a move to the country. The further you get away from major urban centres, the less pollution you will inhale. In addition, experts say that exposure to phytochemicals, released by plants and fungi are beneficial to our cells in general.

Advantage #7: Slower Pace

There’s no arguing that country life provides a slower pace of life. If you are winding down your career or simply need a change of scenery, you may find the slower pace of rural life appealing. If you are able to work remotely, you might desperately want to skip the city commute and the urban hustle. A rural home can deliver peaceful surroundings and a slower, easier pace of life in general.

Advantage #8: Lower Crime

Another benefit to rural life is a significant drop in crime rates. While crime can happen anywhere, there are far fewer crimes of all types—including robbery, theft and assault—in country communities. Lower crime can deliver peace of mind and might just be a key factor as you seek out a new community.

Advantage #9: Quality of Life

With all of these elements combined—a lower cost of living, lower crime rates, cleaner air and a sense of community—there is no denying that rural living offers a unique quality of life. Perhaps your favourite part would be having ready access to nature or the slower pace in general. For some, escaping the stress and speed of city life means leaving anxiety behind. If you are looking for a significant change and can work from home, consider rural living as an opportunity to improve your quality of life in general.

While living in the country has downsides you may consider critical—perhaps easy access to vibrant restaurants or theatre—there are plenty of potential advantages. For many, the greatest appeal is the chance to build a dream home at a fraction of the cost it would be in the city or suburbs. No matter what your motivation, as you consider your next move, think about the advantages of living in rural areas and whether country living would benefit you and your family.

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