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8 Technology Advancements in Hearing Aids

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In recent years, there has been high demand to improve hearing aid technology and provide consumers with the best products possible—products that are more effective, convenient, modern. There is no one best hearing aid, but there are ideal hearing aids for each individual person.

Each user requires different technology and has different needs for their device. From making the devices more user friendly to improving sound quality, there have been many developments over the past few years.

Here are just some of the important advancements made to hearing aid technology.

1. Directional Microphones

With this major advancement in technology, it is now possible for users to block out some background noise and direct the microphone to pick up sounds from the conversation that’s right in front of them. This is ideal for environments such as busy restaurants and shops where there are many distractions. This ensures that all users of hearing aids can still be part of the conversation in a hectic setting.

2. Rechargeable Batteries

Being able to recharge hearing aid batteries saves users a lot of money on buying specialized batteries. It also means there is no need to remember to stock up on buying batteries as you can simply recharge the ones you have while you sleep.

3. Telecoils

A telecoil allows the user of the hearing aid to have a better telephone conversation by eliminating background noise and raising the sound and clarity of the person on the other end of the phone.

4. Wireless and Bluetooth Connectivity

Some of the latest models of hearing aid can connect the hearing aid directly to a television, music sound system, cinema screen, radio, mobile phone, or computer, which means the user can watch their favourite program or listen to their chosen album without missing anything and with full clarity of sound.

In the past, many hearing-impaired people complained that, even with hearing aids, they could not hear proper sound from other electronic devices, but this wireless technology has been a huge step forward in this department.

5. Direct Audio Input

The above-mentioned statement regarding wireless devices does not apply to all users, but even without the top-of-the-line Bluetooth device, the more basic styles still have the ability to be connected and plugged into the television or mobile phone with direct audio input.

6. Synchronization

For a person who requires the use of two hearing aids, technology now allows for these hearing aids to synchronize with each other, meaning that the settings applied to one will be matched on the other device, reducing the need to program them both to your requirements individually.

7. Invisible Designs

Some of the hearing aids available on the market today are so small and sleek that they can almost be classed as invisible. Hearing aids used to be large devices that stood out and got in the way of other accessories such as glasses. These days, they are so small and discreet that it is unlikely you would notice somebody wearing one. This is a particularly good development for younger hearing-impaired individuals who may feel more self-conscious wearing them.

8. Environmental Noise Control

Some of the more developed models offer the function to cancel out the noise of the wind, reducing the chance of loud whistling noises in your ear when the breeze passes you by. This whistling noise was said to be distressful to some users as it was quite intense; however, with this new function, the device will automatically cancel out this noise.

There have been many developments in the industry of hearing aid technology, making the devices a lot easier to use and more up to date with modern-day tech. Hearing-impaired individuals are now offered a wide range of devices and can even have them designed to fit their specific set of needs.

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