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8 Positive Effects After Consuming a Coffee Enema

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Coffee enemas help to heal and cleanse the body. It is a form of hydrotherapy with great health benefits. Combined with the right diet that includes supplements, vegetables, fresh organic fruits and oils, coffee enemas release into the body an enzyme that reduces free radicals and fights carcinogens.

While no one really knows how coffee enemas work, they are believed to remove toxins from the blood and to cleanse the gut wall. The enemas are, however, not only beneficial to cancer patients but also to anyone who wants to boost their energy levels, increase their digestion, or generally improve their overall health.

Below are some positive effects and health benefits of coffee enemas that you should be aware of.

1. Removes Harmful Toxins

Over time, harmful toxins accumulate in the liver and can derail its function. Coffee enemas contain palmitic acids and caffeine that act together to rid your body of accumulated toxins. This re-energizes the liver back to optimal function, keeping you in good health. Coffee enemas eliminate 600% of toxins from your body.

2. Cleanses Your Colon

Coffee enemas reduce free radicals in the colon and relieve your body of various types of pain. Once the colon is cleansed, bacteria, parasites and fungus that could negatively impact your digestive function are eliminated. When your colon is infested by harmful bacteria, the growth of intestinal flora is disrupted, severely affecting your body’s overall well-being.

3. Reduces Toxicity

Coffee enemas lower the general toxicity percentage in your body. Reduced toxicity translates into a lower risk of contracting serious conditions such as arthritis and cancer. It boosts your general well-being and health by keeping your body’s toxicity at a minimum.

4. Depresses Anxiety

Coffee enemas can be taken by people suffering from mood swings, depression, confusion and anxiety. There is a connection between your gut and brain, known as the gut-brain axis.

A healthy gut makes for a healthy brain. If your gut is jammed with toxins, mood swings, anxiety and depression are likely to set in. Taken at recommended dosages and intervals, coffee enemas are able to reverse these symptoms and bring you back to a perfect, vibrant state of mind.

5. Improves Mental Function

After taking coffee enemas for some time, you will start noticing improved mental function. Signs of improved mental function include mental clarity, great moods, high energy and heightened happiness.

6. Eliminates Bloating

Coffee enemas eliminate bloating and relieve stomach pain.  Gas, stomach pain and bloating are signs of a digestive system that is not functioning optimally. The culprit is usually bile secretion, an overloaded liver and sluggish food transit time. Coffee enemas cleanse your gut wall and remove toxins from your body. The result is a fully functional digestive system that keeps stomach pain, bloating and gas out of your body.

7. Treats Candida

Candida is a stubborn yeast form that affects your gut, mouth and women’s private parts. When full blown, it can severely affect your immune system. It can also lead to insatiable cravings for sugar, which further entrenches the condition.

Coffee enemas expel the candida overgrowths from your gut without affecting the good bacteria you normally use to break down food and boost your body’s immune function. With frequent coffee enema flushing, you will notice a significant drop in candida symptoms.

8. Helps in Weight Loss

After detoxification, your body is able to function more efficiently. It also leads to the stabilization of your rate of metabolism. This results in significant fat burn. When your body is relieved off the burden of toxins, your craving for junk food diminishes.

The benefits of applying a coffee enema procedure have been widely documented. Besides aiding your body’s metabolism, the reduced toxicity ensures that diseases are kept away from your body.

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