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8 Most Creative Packaging Design Ideas

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Packaging is incredibly diverse and serves all sorts of requirements. It plays an important role in the brand identity of your company. Today, experts can create the most creative packaging design ideas that go beyond ordinary cardboard boxes. Your organization can obtain a customized designed package from a company that source materials, manufactures and delivers the package right to your doorstep. These creative packaging design ideas will generate attention and appeal to your customers.

It is possible that consumers can make a purchase decision on the product packaging as well. This is why it is important to have an eye-catching package that stands out, especially when sitting on retail shelves. Your organization can take advantage of the packaging to offer product information, highlight the company logo and brand name, including advertise with a catchy statement.

Here are the most creative packaging design ideas to get you and your organization started. These creative packaging design ideas will help you build an outstanding package that your customers will like!

Idea #1: Attractive paper bags

Paper bags can do more than just carry a product. Your organization can add color, logos and more on this type of packaging. There are a handful of companies that offer 100% recycled paper that can be customized for your store or food outlet. These paper bags are strong and do not tear easily.

Your organization can consider the paper bag option to keep your budget down and still achieve branding for your packaging. Paper bag packaging is environmentally friendly, but they are not suited for all types of products. They are commonly used for food and light items.

Idea #2: Pre-print packages

A photo is worth a thousand words. Color or photos on your product packaging are a good way to advertise. You can achieve more from your packaging, than just carrying and protecting the product. If your organization is thinking about branding for your packaging, you can consider the pre-printed option that offers 100% color quality print on packages. The packaging can be printed to use high-resolution photos bringing out the strong vibrant colors of your brand. Use your packaging to advertise to your target customers.

Idea #3: Patterns

Your organization can dress up product packaging with attractive patterns. It can make a package design look distinctive. Zigzag or checkered, you can choose the pattern that best compliments the product. Do not be afraid to consider some bold patterns and colors. This is when you differentiate your packaging from the rest. However, even soft neutral patterns can be effective, as loud patterns does not always work for every type of organization. It will all depend on your product and the message you want to convey.

Idea #4: Illustrations

Packaging can tell a story. If you do not want to use photos, you can use content-rich illustrations that tell a story and are engaging. Your packaging can be designed to create a fantasy world especially if it is a chocolate brand or kid’s toy.

Illustrations can help the customer understand the product in the package and its usage. The illustration offers visual dominance and can impress customers instantly, including trigger curiosity about your organization’s brand.

Idea #5: Retail packaging

Your organization has to be absolute certain that the product packaging will catch the eyes of your target customers. Recognition of your brand with the correct type of packaging will help to drive sales. Nowadays, you can design packages that work for your point-of-purchase displays.

These packages are retail ready and offers maximum decorative solutions. These creative packaging design ideas have proven to increase sales. It will make your product stand out at any retail location. Retail packaging will make sure that your product is not left on the shelf for a long time.

Idea #6: Different shapes

Packaging does not always have to be a square shape. They can be made as a circle, triangle or even a hexogen box. You can make packages that are shaped around and even compliment your products. You can even have packaging with cutouts that display a bit of your product. Many food companies want to offer a sneak peek of their products.

Idea #7: Eco-friendly packaging

Recycling may not come to mind when it involves creativity for packaging. Today, you can be creative with recycled materials whether corrugated or paper. Your organization can embrace the green solution packaging option that is a benefit for the planet.

At the same time, it will strengthen your organization’s brand image for being environmentally responsible. Eco-friendly packages will help your organization’s products stand out from other similar competition products.

Idea #8: Sleek and simple packaging

Simplicity can go a long way. Your organization does not have to worry about whether it will stand out or not especially, if your organization is aiming to be sustainable. The earth colors and recycled materials appeal to your customers. Even with simple packaging designs, you can create a sleek and appealing look that works for your customers.


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