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8 Most Common Types of Construction Materials

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When constructing a home, building, or other structure, the choice of materials is diverse, but must be chosen based on the needs of the end user. The purpose of the building and the cost of the materials are major factors in the decision of which to use. The aesthetic properties may also contribute to the decision to opt for one material over another.

Below are nine most common types of construction materials used:

1. Wood materials

Wood is a classic and common choice for construction. It is comparatively lightweight, and is an excellent insulator for both heat and sound. There are disagreements about whether wood should be used as a common construction material.

Some say that it should not be used in order to avoid deforestation and the emission of greenhouse gases. Others say it should be used because it is a renewable resource, and a more eco-friendly option than other choices. Either way, wood can be used in almost all areas of the home from the frame to the flooring.

2. Cement materials

Another great choice for construction, cement is versatile, strong, and easy to maintain. Before it settles, cement can be poured into any form or shape. It can be a strong, load-bearing component in a structure, however it is an incredibly heavy material, and may crack or crumble over time.

3. Brick materials

For a low-maintenance material, brick is another excellent choice used in many construction management projects. In addition, it is also energy efficient and weatherproof. Brick can endure severe weather conditions over long periods of time. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing to look at, but it is also inexpensive to maintain, sustainable, and strong.

However, it is time consuming to build with brick, and is not an effective building material if there is risk for earthquake, as these can cause the foundation to crack. In addition, brick can absorb water and can even host mold if not properly cleaned.

4. Stone materials

Stone is one of the most beautiful and strongest construction materials, which can easily withstand the different kinds of weather Mother Nature throws at it. It is highly durable, and is difficult to scratch, break, or chip. As well, stone is a fire resistant construction option, and requires minimal maintenance.

Using stone in construction is a more time-consuming option. There are a number of different varieties of stone to choose from, each with its own unique characteristics that could make it better or worse for any given project. In terms of weight, stone is one of the heavier construction materials to choose.

5. Glass materials

While windows are pretty much always made of glass, this material also has other uses in construction. Due to its lightness in weight, many companies find glass to be an effective building material as well, as it puts less weight on the foundation. When much of the building is made of glass, it also makes the space inside look much larger and the natural light that enters as a result is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also beneficial for occupants of the building.

However, there are some eco-friendliness issues when it comes to glass. First, it isn’t a great insulator, and can trap heat or cold raising temperature maintenance costs. Secondly, birds – have a hard time seeing the buildings, and the reflections cause confusion, so they frequently run into the buildings causing injury or death.

6. Marble materials

Marble is a highly popular material in construction, currently used most frequently in flooring or countertops. It is a highly unique material, that gives a luxurious vibe to any space it is installed in. It is a very heavy and dense material though, so it is important that it has a solid foundation to lay on.

Maintenance and care are important for these construction materials used in homes, because it is a soft stone that can become scratched fairly easily.

7. Granite materials

Another beautiful stone, granite is used for many purposes as well. Building stones can be made from granite, and can add texture with either rough or finished sides. In the home, granite is very commonly used for countertops. It needs to be sealed once a year, but is otherwise a fairly indestructible force against knives and hot pots and pans.

It can also be used in landscaping as a decorative item. As versatile as granite is, it does still have its own disadvantages, primarily the fact that it can be quite pricy and requires professional assistance for installation.

8. Steel materials

Steel is one of the most common construction materials, often used to create the foundation of a building. Steel is strong and has resistance to corrosion and rust. As such, steel increases the lifespan of buildings, as compared to those made from other construction materials.

Steel can be paired with cement to form an extremely strong bond, and it is a recyclable material. However in the case of a fire, steel will weaken from the heat, and it is a heavy and bulky material to deal with.

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