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8 Most Common Types of Cancer in 2019

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Today, there are approximately 200 different types of cancers. Of the 206,200 new cases every year, there are more than 80,000 deaths in Canada because of cancer.

These numbers have improved in recent decades, but these deaths are still unnecessary. They not only take the lives of those who have been diagnosed with this terrible fate, cancer also destroys the lives surrounding the patients.

Whether you’re looking at ways to enhance your health or you think that you may be suffering from something, it is important to know what cancers are more ubiquitous than others.

Are you ready to know? Here are the eight most common types of cancer:

1. Lung Cancer

For decades, the number one cause of cancer death for millions worldwide was lung cancer. This type of cancer stemmed mostly from the prevalence of tobacco cigarettes. Since nearly everyone and their grandmother smoke cigarettes from morning until night, as well as second-hand smoke being ubiquitous, lung cancer was quite common.

That doesn’t mean lung cancer has become extinct. It is still one of the leading causes of deaths and most common types of cancer. Lung cancer has two primary kinds: small cell and non-small cell. It claims thousands of live every year.

2. Liver Cancer

On an international level, liver cancer takes approximately 800,000 people. For the most part, the cancer type originates elsewhere in the body, but it ends up in your liver. However, should cancer begin in the liver, then it is usually because of a birth defect, a chronic infection, or alcohol abuse.

Some of the more typical signs include shedding weight without trying, a swelling liver, itchy skin, and yellowing of your skin and the whites of your eyes.

3. Breast Cancer

While breast cancer can occur in the breast tissues of both genders, it is found primarily in women – it is the second most common, behind skin cancer. In total, half-a-million people lose their lives every year because of this cancer, which stems from a poor diet, a toxic environment, or genetic mutations.

Of course, you can monitor and attack it before it metastasizes by undergoing regular breast cancer screenings with mammograms.

4. Prostate Cancer

Believe it or not, prostate cancer kills 1.1 million people annually. This type of cancer can be cured through less invasive treatments in its early stages, but the primary setback is that there are zero symptoms or signs of prostate cancer until it has seeped into other parts of your body.

Ostensibly, one of the greatest defenders of your body is a plant-based diet.

5. Leukemia

There are four primary kinds of leukemia:

  • Acute myeloid leukemia
  • Acute lymphocytic leukemia
  • Chronic lymphocytic leukemia
  • Chronic lymphocytic leukemia

Now, leukemia is primarily located in bone marrow, but it is located in other cells and tissues that produce blood cells. This cancer is caused by the overproduction of specific categories of white blood cells, which then proceed to circulate in the bloodstream.

According to the latest data, leukemia kills more children under 20 than any other cancer.

6. Non-Melanoma Skin Cancer

Your skin is the biggest organ in your body, and when it is exposed to the sun for a prolonged period of time, there are many places where cancer can form in the skin cells. Overall, it affects one million people, and it is mostly found in senior citizens and individuals with compromised immune systems.

Skin cancer is easily detectable: sores that do not heal, raised red patches, small lumps, flat areas that look like scars, and pink growths with raised edges.

7. Thyroid Cancer

Your thyroid is located in the lower front of your neck. It is an essential component that controls your metabolism, releases hormones, and directs your body’s consumption of oxygen and production of heat. It isn’t the deadliest because if it’s caught early it is easily treatable. However, it still claims more than 50,000 Americans every day.

A hoarse voice, difficulty breathing, a lump in the front of your neck, and a lingering cough. These are the more common signs that you may be suffering from thyroid cancer.

8. Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma

This type of cancer begins in the white blood cells of your centralized immune system, known as the lymphatic system. If you fail to maintain a healthy lymphatic system and boost your overall immune system, then you could be one of the 20,000 people who die every year from this cancer.

A cure for cancer still eludes the medical community. There are plenty of preventative measures you can employ to reduce the risk of developing any of these cancers. However, oftentimes, no mater what you do, you can still be diagnosed with lung, thyroid, or liver cancer. It’s a fact of life. Thankfully, because of technological advancements and research, there are treatments you can take full advantage of.

Being diagnosed with some of the most common types of cancer doesn’t mean it’s the end of your life – not anymore! – it’s just another hurdle to overcome in this journey.

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