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8 Foods to Reduce High Blood Pressure Quickly

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According to the CDC, high blood pressure has been a factor in over 400,000 deaths. Geography, lifestyle and climate are also contributors, but the underlying factor is hypertension. Not surpsrisingly, Texas scores pretty high in people over thirty – for no one can wear a cowboy had and belt that tight for very long without causing significant damage.

While a lot of what leads to hypertension can be alieved by a healthy lifestyle, routine exercise, and general relaxation, diet is also a key factor. There are natural ways to lower high blood pressure before resorting to pills. You only need to see a commercial for such medication to be warned off for good. Their side effects read dismissively by the narrator are downright horrifying and often end in the word, “death.”

Below is a list of the natural foods to reduce high blood pressure quickly. We don’t want you to eat just for your health, because food should be enjoyed.

1. Quinoa

Quinoa is the superfood your daughter’s boyfriend won’t shut up about. Its significance as a superfood is warranted – it’s rich in potassium and magnesium, two vitamins that factor into blood flow. It also serves as an excellent base for salads or just a side dish. In addition to being one of the foods to reduce high blood pressure, it also helps with weight loss and diabetes. They don’t use the term “superfood” loosely.

2. Beets

Since the Middle Ages, beets have been used for medicinal purposes. It’s especially useful for blood and digestion issues. The nitrates in beetroot aid in relaxing and opening up the blood vessels. One plus side to including beets as one a part of a complete meal, if you enjoy the taste, is that it complements garlic well and eliminates the oh-so-dreaded “garlic-breath”. For the sommiliers and historians, wine was often coloured with beetroot juice as well.

3. Bananas

It’s not an apple a day that keeps the doctor away, lest you hurl them at said doctor. Bananas have been known as the best foods to reduce high blood pressure. They may reduce blood pressure for up to ten per cent due to their richness in potassium. It’s recommended to have two per day – a relatively reasonable mix for whatever else you want in your morning smoothie.

4. Salmon

Salmon is one of the most commonly consumed fish in North America. Despite worries about pollution and oceanic rise, it’s always dependable. So rather than swallow a thick, yellow pill full of fish oil, one can fry up a nice piece of Salmon. In the summer, on a barbecue slathered in a mustard-maple syrup glaze, it’s a pleasant way to ensure your health. At avoid high-sodium toppings – best to stick to lemon juice and garlic.

5. Sweet Potatoes

When it comes to maintaining a diet consistent with any health concerns, you can’t go wrong with sweet potatoes. However, there are concerns related to toppings. No matter how you cook them, fry them or boil them, it’s wise to avoid any high-sodium additions such as salt or sour cream. Rather, try spinach and feta cheese. There’s no reason you can’t eat well while reducing health risks. The sweet potato on its own already includes the fiber you need in a daily meal.

6. Baked Chicken Breast

The keyword here is protein. Even a vegetarian must have some sort of protein in their diet, but for the rest of us, a solid baked breast of chicken alongside, or packed with, spinach is ideal. We emphasize “baked” here, primarily because fried chicken can often involve oils or butter that can be a detriment to your overall health. Never cook it at a high heat, for that may aggravate your condition, but allow it to soak in basalmic vinegar for an afternoon and you will have an easy-to-cook, healthy meal by nightfall.

7. Spinach

Fun fact: Popeye was not eating what he should be. The concept that spinach makes you stronger is actually based on a scientific study since debunked. However, it is rich in vitamin K, magnesium and potasium. While it won’t allow you to smoke a pipe, punch out the bully and grow a ridiculous bicep, it does aid in blood flow. Also of note: this almost goes without saying, but don’t smoke. Smoking leads to hypertension more than any other legal habit.

8. Dark Chocolate

We grant that new studies come out regularly and change popular opinion on various food items, but up to 50 calories a day of dark chocolate can actually help combat high blood pressure. Until science says otherwise, the next time you’re caught with a tasty snack by your spouse, at the very least you have a good excuse. But use in moderation, of course. Scientists say the compound known as flavanol may be responsible for the health benefits. Until they say otherwise, enjoy.

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