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8 Different Ways to Heal Your Gut

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The gut is the gateway to your brain and immune system. It is in continuous contact with nutrients as well as all foods that pass through your digestive system. It has a huge task to undertake as it breaks down the food you eat and absorbs all the nutrients that support your body’s function. When your gut is unhealthy you experience more than just a stomach pain. You can suffer from gas, bloating and diarrhea.

Listen to your gut and keep track of the unhealthy signs such as the digestive issues, food allergies, moodiness and anxiety. When you experience any of these disorders, it is important to find ways to restore gut health. Maintaining a healthy gut is critical for your immune system, digestive system, mental health, metabolism and weight management.

Here are important ways to heal your gut:

1. Eat healthy

Try to avoid unhealthy food and focus on food that provide maximum nutrients for your body. Vegetables for example provide the day-to-day nutrients to maintain general health. They provide fiber to keep the gut system healthy and it helps the digestive system run more effectively. Limit or completely avoid fatty and sugary foods. Sugar consumption leads to the growth of bad bacteria in your gut.

2. Eat fermented foods

Bacteria in the gut may sound bad, but the gut uses this bacteria to process food into energy. Helpful bacteria is called probiotics. Consider food that are fermented using natural processes and that contain probiotics. Good bacteria that is healthy for the gut, grows during the fermentation process. Look for the words “naturally fermented” on the jar label when buying fermented food. Some examples of fermented foods include yogurt, kimchi, kefir and sauerkraut.

3. Consider premium probiotics

Probiotics pushes out harmful organisms and keeps the digestive system in balance. Consider FDA approved probiotics like Absorb Biotics which is free from harmful chemicals and additives. This product has been scientifically proven to have a beneficial impact on the digestive health due to its pure formula. Absorb Biotics will also rebuild the healthy bacteria that is essential for good gut health.

4. Consider foods containing prebiotics

Prebiotics is a type of fiber that feeds the probiotics and stimulates the growth of healthy bacteria in the gut. Prebiotics is found in many fruits and vegetables including bananas, raw and cooked onions, raw garlic, beans and many others.

5. Avoid habits that lead to poor gut health

Smoking, excessive fructose, stress, poor diet and frequent consumption of alcohol can cause inflammation. If you have any of these habits, it is recommended to get rid of them as soon as possible to keep your gut healthy. Also avoid environments full of toxins like herbicides and pesticides.

6. Avoid antibiotic overuse

Antibiotics help to kill bacteria. It is good for the bad bacteria in your body, but it may remove the good bacteria that your gut thrives on. Use antibiotics in moderation and talk to your healthcare practitioner on the right dosage.

7. Eliminate food that cause digestive problems

Pay attention to the food or drinks you consume. Note if they lead to cramping, gas and stomach pain after eating. You may be sensitive to certain types of food. Some common food allergies include gluten and nuts. If this is causing bowel irritation or any cramping, stop eating this type of food and see if your symptoms improve.

8. Make sure to relax

One of the best ways to heal your gut is to relax. If you digestive system is out of balance, you may feel depressed, tired and anxious. In addition to eating the right food and taking a quality probiotic supplement, you must try to relax and remove all stress.

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