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8 Common Household Items That Can Clog a Drain

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Every household suffers from clogged drains. But, leaving these issues to persist can have devastating consequences on your drainage system and home. Rather than risk the repercussions of clogged drains, we’ve listed the most common household items that can clog a drain. That way, you can ensure your drains are running are always running as they should.

1. Grease

Grease is commonly used in the kitchen for cooking or baking. But, people often dispose of grease incorrectly by pouring it down the drain. A misconception amongst homeowners is that grease will not damage or clog their pipes, however this is incorrect.

When oil is poured down the drain, it can cause a buildup to occur over time. This build up is difficult to clear without the help of a professional plumber. That’s because the grease can harden and turn into a solid. Once it becomes a solid, it is difficult to remove and can cause a heavy build up in your pipes.

2. Vegetable Peels

When cooking, people tend to rinse off their dishes in the sink. But, if people rinse off their dishes without a drain catcher they are leaving themselves at risk of plumbing issues. Even if the item is small, it can get stuck in your drain and form a build up over time. Some vegetables and food can take a great deal of time to break down, which means you may be left dealing with the repercussions.

3. Wipes

Many households are unaware that baby wipes and personal hygiene pads cannot be tossed down drains. The majority of these wipes cannot dissolve in water which makes it difficult for them to make it through your pipes. Despite what certain companies claim, these wipes often take a great deal of time to break down, and can be the reason your pipes are not draining properly.

4. Salt or Sugar Scrubs

When homeowners use heavy salt scrubs, or bath salts these tiny particles can build up over time and cause clogs in your pipes. Rather than risk this build up, you should make sure the product you purchase can completely dissolve in water.

5. Starches

In addition to tiny vegetable particles and grease, another food item that can cause havoc on your pipes are starches. Foods such as potatoes, pasta and rice will not immediately dissolve in water. Rather, once it ends up in your pipes the water will combine with the starches to turn it into a sludgy solution that can sit in your pipes for months to come. Rather than suffer these consequences, you should consider installing a drain stopper to avoid food falling down your drain.

6. Toilet Paper

Toilet paper is a common product that causes clogged drains. When using toilet paper, it is important to be mindful of the amount that you use and should avoid excessively using it. Excessive use of toilet paper can result in a buildup of the product in your pipes which can be difficult to remove with a plunger alone.

7. Cotton

Many toiletries such as cotton balls or pads contain cotton. Despite their prevalence in households, you should be mindful of putting it down your drains. Cotton is a difficult product to dissolve and can cause issues with clogging in your home.

8. Hair

Hair is another common household item that results in clogged drains. Hair cannot easily dissolve in water and can build up over time. This build up will often require a drain cleaning agent or professional to remove the mass.

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