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8 Best Ways to Get Motivated at Work

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Work is called work for a reason. Unless you are very lucky or have an exceptional attitude, you will often find yourself in need of motivation to get yourself through the day. You will be pondering quietly to yourself about how to get motivated to work. It is normal for everyone’s level of enthusiasm for their job to rise and fall through the day, week and month.

If you find it challenging to maintain a chipper smile all day without some mental gymnastics, don’t despair. There are some tricks that you can use on how to get motivated to work. These techniques will help you get focused and ready to work from the moment you walk in the door until you leave.

Here are eight best ways on how to get motivated to work:

1. Treat yourself

When there’s a reward on the line, you will find yourself getting more motivated to work. You work hard, so why not give yourself a little treat once in a while. It doesn’t have to be expensive or elaborate. Just enough to make you enjoy your day a little more. When you are working on a particularly intense project at work think about something that you will reward your self with once it is over.

This could be a particularly nice coffee, a meal out, or tickets to your favourite sporting event. No matter what it is, make sure that it is something that you can afford and that you will be able to easily obtain.

2. Use a mantra

Inspirational mantras are a good way on how to get motivated to work. This might sound a little corny, but mantras do work. Giving a little encouragement to yourself once in a while, or even every day, can give you a huge boost. If you make this a part of your morning routine it can do wonders for your attitude on even the bleakest of mornings.

3. Take it easy

The best way on how to get motivated to work is an easygoing attitude. By this, we mean you should make things as easy as possible for yourself. If you are having a bad day, take a cab instead of the bus, wear your favourite jacket, and ask for help when you need it.

You should do everything that you can to get yourself in the right mindset to perform. Don’t put too much stress on yourself. The most productive workforce management strategy you can implement is by cutting yourself some slack when necessary.

4. Take it slow if you have to

If you are looking at a day from hell, it is best not to think about it as one looming monster of a day. You should think about it in bitesize chunks. Break it down into its individual components. It can even help to write things down. Then when you complete one aspect of your day you can cross it off your list.

This sense of getting things done can really help you throughout the day. Soon, you will be looking at a list of things you accomplished instead of projects that are outstanding.

5. Meditate

This used to be considered a little out there. Meditation has been slowly but surely creeping its way into the mainstream for the past few years. Now you have some of the largest companies in the county having guided meditation sessions during the day.

Meditation can do wonders for your moos and your focus at work and beyond. Many people find that they are much more present and able to manage larger loads of stress at any given time.

There are many apps that you can download for free that can get you started on your meditation journey. By practicing your meditations on a regular basis you will notice that your overall mood and approach to life changes for the better.

6. Tackle the easier projects first

Getting a few items checked off the list early in the day can make you feel like you have hit the ground running. This can go a long way to giving you the motivation to see the day through in style. It is also not a bad idea to keep an easy project for the end of the day as well. Making the last hour at work just that little bit more bearable.

7. Help out a coworker

This is a way that you can hack your brain into enjoying the day. By helping someone else out with a project you will feel good about yourself. Not only that but you will be able to lean on them in the future. You might also find that you are seen to be going the extra mile by your boss.

8. Find a job that you love

If you have tried everything else and you still dread walking into work and have no motivation whatsoever it might be time for a change of career or workplace. After all, you spend a great deal of your time at work. You might as well enjoy it a little bit. This is easier said than done.

By taking the time to explore your options you never know what is awaiting you around the corner. Even applying for new positions can have you feeling better about your work as you know that you are working your way up through the industry.

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