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8 Best Types of Dance Styles for Kids

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Dance is a type of art that generally involves the rhythmic movement of the body. In as much as dance styles differ across different cultures, it is one of those activities that unify people from all walks of life since it traverses geographical boundaries, race, and age. So, whether you are in your 60s or are in middle school, you can practice dance either as a hobby or as a profession, or both. While at it, you get to burn calories so you can get that perfectly trimmed body you have been dreaming of.

If you have noticed a liking for dance in your child or other children in your community, here are some types of dance styles that would be perfect for them.

1. Ballet Dance

Ballet is considered the backbone of a variety of dance forms. It is an expression of elegance, beauty, grace, precision and discipline. There are different ballet techniques, and while they have evolved over time, this dance form is a major feature in theatrical performances.

If you have watched a ballet performance, you must have noticed that the dancers appear to be weightless as they glide effortlessly across the stage, beautifully pulling off difficult spins and footwork. However, this type of dance takes discipline, weeks of intense barre training, dedication and a willingness to put in the hard work to perfect the art.

2. Jazz Dance

Jazz dancing dates back to the late 1880s to mid-1900s. It can be traced to African ritualistic and celebratory dances, and surprisingly has little to do with jazz music. Some of the more popular jazz dances include the shimmy, inspired by jazz pianist, Spencer Williams. Commercial jazz, contemporary jazz and Latin jazz are other variations of jazz. Over time, jazz has evolved from a street dance to a theatrical performance.

3. Tap Dance

If you are a naturally-expressive individual, your mouth, hands or facial expressions are not the only tools you can use to get your story heard. You can also use your feet to tell a compelling story using tap dance. With tap dance, all you need are tap shoes with a metallic heel and toe and a wooden floor. Even better, it comes in handy when singing acapella with the tapping generating the necessary beat.

The most common types of dance styles are rhythmic tap and Broadway tap. This dance style has also been popularized through movies such as ‘Stepping Out’ and ‘Singing in the Rain.’ It’s an easy and enjoyable dance style (particularly if your child desires to master complex rhythms to express themselves) and will probably never go out of style.

4. Hip Hop Dance

Hip hop is another dance form that children love. It is part of the popular culture featured in most music videos. This genre is exciting, liberal, fun and requires a level of flexibility. It’s also strikingly similar to break dance, also known as street dance, which involves power moves, toprock, downrock, and freezes. Like hip hop, break dance was once highly prevalent among the youth.

5. Acro Dance

The acro dance is quite the popular type of dance in competitions. It features a combination of acrobatics and classical dance moves. As such, it requires its learners to nurture both acrobatic and dance skills to execute graceful transitions between tricks and movements. If you want your child to build their balance, strength, coordination and flexibility while challenging them to go the extra mile in a fun learning environment, acro is a perfect fit.

6. Salsa Dance

Having originated in New York due to a strong influence from Latin America, salsa movements involve the hips, body and legs. Lead dancers user their arms to communicate with their followers. The different types of salsa can be classified according to foot patterns, figures, turns, timing, dance influence, body rolls, attitude or the mood of the performers.

7. Fandango Dance

Fandango may be a Portuguese dance but, trust me, it’s one dance your child cannot resist. It involves singing and dancing by tapping your feet while constantly changing your position. It’s accompanied by musical instruments such as guitars, castanets and sometimes hand clapping.

8. Disco Dance

You can never go wrong with this type of dance. Though it goes back to the urban night-life of the early 1970s, it is still relevant today. Besides sharing a bit of your heritage with your child, it also allows you to bust a few of your best moves!

Dance is more than just an art form; it is a lifestyle. If you identify this ability in your child, guide them in choosing a dance genre best suited to their strengths, and then support them all the way. The dances listed here provide an excellent base for your child’s dance development. Dance is an ideal way of channelling your child’s energy to a more productive hobby that is both engaging and fun. Who knows, your child might be the next big thing in the world of dance.

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