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8 Best Benefits of Living Alone in College

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Conventional wisdom would have you believe that living alone is not all it’s cracked up to be. Sometimes, we may feel as if we need others around us in order to live a desirable life. For those venturing off into their college journey, you expect to be surrounded by people constantly. While socialization is a cherished part of the college experience, it’s also important to find a quiet solitary place to unwind.

Many students enjoy the benefits of living alone in college. Along with the freedom and flexibility, living alone in college brings with it several unique advantages. Check out the following benefits of living alone in college, described in better detail:

Benefit #1: Having Your Own Space

Having your own student apartment means that you get more time for yourself. There is no need to worry about roommates making a mess, for example, as the apartment rental belongs to you. Having to divvy up chores between other people may potentially lead to others not holding their own weight.

There is more responsibility on your shoulders, of course. However, this also brings with it a lot more independence. No one can judge you for the things you do, and you are free to live life on your own accord. So dance like no one’s watching in the early morning hours, because no one will be!

Benefit #2: Privacy

Most of us treasure our right to privacy, which comes in abundance when you rent a student apartment. When there are no roommates sharing your space, your residence is essentially yours. You are free to do what you please, in the comfort of your bachelor apartment.

Of course, there are various rules and regulations to follow, no matter where you live. Privacy is not impeded on, when you live by yourself while in college. The last thing anyone needs is a nosy roommate eavesdropping on your private phone calls after all!

Benefit #3: Cleanliness

Depending on how high up this is on your priorities, this can make or break the college experience. No one enjoys seeing the sight of unwashed dishes in the sink, or clothes dropped all over the floor. If you enjoy living alone, you’ll be able to have your space as clean as you want it to be!

Benefit #4: Peace And Quiet

Virtually everything on a college campus can be lively, but noisy. When it comes time to buckle down and finish those assignments, you’ll need complete silence. Living alone provides you with this opportunity through and through.

Benefit #5: Better Academic Focus

The college experience is a once-in-a-lifetime phase that should be filled with memories. However, students shouldn’t forget why they are there in the first place. Academic responsibilities have to be taken seriously.

This can be a tad difficult, if you are constantly barraged by other individuals in your living quarters. If you live alone, you have all the time in the world to focus on your studies. Being able to study alone in your own solace can make or break the ability to pass those exams!

Benefit #6: Personal Design

A great benefit of living alone in college is that you can have your own personal design. Chores and household tasks can be tricky to divide amongst groups of people living together. When you live with roommates in college, this can also mean that you have to share how you view the space. Living alone means that you can put your inner designer to work; you are free to decorate it as you please.

No two senses of style are the same. As such, you have ample opportunity to organize the décor as you see fit. Plus, when you have guests over, they’ll immediately notice how unique your taste is. This is especially true in college, as most young adults have their creativity peaking at this age.

Benefit #7: Freedom to Invite Guests

When there are no roommates present, you are free to invite your own guests at your discretion. This means that you can invite as many guests as you’d like for a small get together. Or, you are also free to invite some friends over for a move night.

The freedom to bring people to your college apartment is a significant advantage. Since many college residences require you to share your space, living alone elsewhere supersedes this notion. No matter if it is your parents, friends, or other students, you should take pride in being able to invite virtually anyone over.

Benefit #8: Personal Rules

There is no need to dictate to others what should happen in your space. Living alone while attending college means that you set the rules for yourself. Only your decisions matter, in the context of what happens in your residence.

The college experience is a time to have fun and get your responsibilities in order. You don’t have to do this alone, as there are others that come along for the ride. As it pertains to living alone, you’ll be able to enjoy much more freedom than initially thought!

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