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8 Benefits of Studio Apartment Rental Life

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Everyone needs a place to call home. Whether you’ve dreamed of living in the country or the city, you have to find a place that fits your lifestyle. There are many rental options out there so you need to decide what is best for you. If you are thinking about starting in a one-bedroom apartment, think again. There are other ways to live so you can be close to the action and still have your own space.

What about a studio apartment? Apartments for rent have become a popular living arrangement, because they are compact with almost everything in one room. Choosing a studio apartment for your home is a big decision. If you are single or a young couple without kids, it’s a great way to get started with independent living without breaking the bank. You are making a sacrifice of space, but it really comes down to how you want to live and spend your money.

Having a life is about making wise choices and where you live is a huge one. Everyone should try living in a studio apartment to really experience all the benefits listed below. You may find that a small, studio space is exactly what your life needs.

Let’s take a look at the eight benefits of studio apartment rental life:

Benefit #1: A studio apartment is more affordable

Living in a studio apartment is cheaper and it’s one of the best benefits of studio apartment rental. Square feet cost money and if you are living alone why pay extra? By renting a smaller place you can free up money to spend on other things like building up your saving or taking a trip.

Bringing down your housing costs just makes sense because it gives you more financial options.

Benefit #2: A studio apartment lets you live in a better location

Wouldn’t it be nice to live where you want to? With a studio apartment, that can become a reality. Studio spaces are usually built in more desirable locations like downtown where you can walk to everything. They are also close to transit.

By choosing a studio instead of a one-bedroom space you may be able to be closer to work or school. Location matters!

Benefit #3: Utilities are cheaper in a studio apartment

Besides cheaper rent, your utilities are less expensive too. Smaller spaces are easy to heat in the winter and cool in the summer. You also have fewer appliances and light bulbs than in a regular apartment and electricity costs can add up.

Some places even include utilities because of size so that makes it even more affordable. It’s way simpler to budget when you only have to write one check.

Benefit #4: You don’t need as much furniture in a studio apartment

With a studio apartment, there is no space for a lot of furnishings. If you only have to buy a few pieces, that saves you money and the stuff you buy will be more compact as well. Another necessity of a studio space is multi-purposing furniture.

Having a couch turn into a bed is smart and you can also get folding desks and tables to open up spaces. You may even find a furnished studio apartment to rent.

Benefit #5: A studio apartment has less space to keep clean

Nobody likes housework but the fewer square feet you have the easier it is to do. Living in a small space requires organization and you will have less clutter to deal with. It also lends itself to minimalistic living.

Because you only have one main room and a bathroom, cleanup is fast so it becomes less of a chore. For an easy streamlined life, a studio apartment is for you.

Benefit #6: You will go out more living in a studio apartment

Living in a small space can be a little claustrophobic. This isn’t a bad thing though because it encourages you to go out more. It doesn’t have to be shopping or eating out because that can quickly burst your budget.

Spending time outdoors is healthy and enjoying the sun and fresh air connects you with this planet. You will become more social and more adventurous as you explore the space outside of your apartment.

Benefit #7: A studio apartment is trendier

Living in smaller places is a cool thing these days and because of the demand, places are being designed with great features. Exposed ceilings and inside brick walls give a small space character and style.

Because many studio apartments are in a downtown area they may be built more industrial. Some are even constructed from older commercial buildings. It’s a trendy way to live and may fit your vibe perfectly.

Benefit #8: A studio apartment saves the environment

When you live in a small space you leave a smaller carbon footprint. There are no unnecessary rooms that sit empty in your apartment and there are is less electricity and heat running.

Your place houses less stuff too and that makes a difference because you are being a mindful consumer. By opting to live in a small space you are becoming part of the eco solution.

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