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7 Ways a Content Delivery Network Can Help Improve Your Website

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CDNs or content delivery networks have completely changed the web hosting space over the last couple of years. Instead of having your website hosted on one server, a CDN allows you to distribute the load across multiple servers. CDNs are used to host videos, images, audio clips, JavaScript, and CSS files. Common JavaScript libraries, CSS resets, fonts, HTML5 shims and other assets are often hosted on private and public CDN systems. This greatly improves the performce of your website and makes it easier for users to load and navigate your web pages. Let’s go over the benefits of using a CDN for your website below.

  1.  Boost in Reliability and Response Times
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Improving the performance o your website will reduce bounce rates, increase conversions, and grow sales. Speed issues and latency can cripple your online business as potential customers are turned off by slow websites. Using a reliable CDN will ensure that your website loads fast and performs optimally especially in cases where you have a lot of multimedia content.

  1. Global Reach
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Over 30% of the global population is online. If you want to reach all these people, you need to make your website fast and responsive to all visitors from all parts of the world. CDNs provide cloud acceleration with local POPs to enable you to have a global reach and standard user experience across the globe.

  1. 100% Availability
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The distribution of assets across the globe makes it necessary for CDNs to have automatic server availability sensors. This mechanism allows for redirection of users whenever there is a problem with one server. For this reason, websites that use CDNs have 100% uptimes as they are not interrupted by power outages, network problems, and hardware issues.

  1. Analytics
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Most commercial CDNs give reports on file usage because they charge per byte of data. These reports can help supplement the analytics you get from your own website. Sometimes, you will get a better impression of video downloads and views from the CDN.

  1. More Concurrent Users
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Using CDNs can increase the network backbone capacity such that there will be a substantial increase in the number of people accessing your website concurrently. For example, if you have a network backbone with 200 GB/s with a capacity of 3 TB/s, then only 200 GB/s can be delivered at any one time. However, if you used a CDN with ten 200 GB/s servers at strategic locations, you can deliver 2TB/s.

  1. Cost Saving
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Working with CDNs allows you to make savings for your company. Investing in infrastructure or several providers to scale your business across the globe can be expensive. Global CDNs allow you to deliver amazing user experience across the globe at a reduced cost on a single platform.

  1. 24/7 Customer Support
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Most CDNs provide 24/7 support. This enables you to fix any performce issues and downtimes as soon as they’re detected. This is a smart business decision as it allows you to focus on what really matters to you instead of managing self-hosted infrastructure.

Combine managed hosting Canada and a CDN for amazing user experience for your customers.

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