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7 Trivia Facts About Flexographic Storage Solutions

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Years ago, printing on certain types of surfaces was a daunting task. However, the introduction of flexography revolutionized printing to the point where it became possible to print on nearly any surface.

Despite being more reliable and versatile than traditional forms of printing, flexographic printing requires proper flex storage solutions that involve the use of flex stands and flexcarts to allow for easy cleaning and handling of the flexographic printing equipment.

Flexographic storage systems are high-quality, efficient storage systems that are best-suited for keeping sleeves highly organized and protected from damage.

Below are a few interesting facts about flexographic storage solutions:

1. A Flexstand Makes Cleaning Flexographic Equipment a Breeze

To thoroughly clean the flexographic equipment, a flexstand guarantees a thorough and quick cleaning. Flex stands can also be bolted to the floor to make them even more sturdy and firm. To make access to the sleeves even easier, an aisle is left to separate racks. A flex stand can easily be upgraded into a flexstor by just adding wheels and an overhead rail system.

2. Flexcarts Lower the Risk of Damage to Plates and Sleeves

Before flex storage came around, plates and sleeves were stored through stacking, which resulted in a lot of damage to the sleeves and plates. This made printing a very expensive undertaking. Besides lowering the risk of plates and sleeve damage, flexcarts protect workers from harm, especially when transferring sleeves from one place to another. Flexcarts also make cleaning flexographic equipment easy and safe.

3. Flexo Storage Equipment Optimizes Workspaces

Since sleeves and plates can be stored vertically, they occupy less space. They can be customized to occupy any space in your establishment. Besides, the risk of sleeves damage is reduced since they are stored in sturdy racks. Of all other systems for storing sleeves, flexo storage is most economical in terms of storage capacity.

4. Easy to Store and Access

Retrieving sleeves is easy since flexcarts come with movable racks that make it effortless to access whatever sleeves you need when you need them. A full unhindered view of sleeves stored in racks enhances quick placement and retrieval. They also feature a clear and convenient labelling system that makes it easy to locate each sleeve. Putting back the sleeves is also easy as all you need to do is to insert them back where they were retrieved from.

5. Expandable Storage

Flexstands are engineered for expanded capacity and feature durable coated steel. They can efficiently store up to thousands of sleeves without them caving in under gravity. Traditionally, sleeves were stacked up horizontally. Due to the weight and gravity, most of them acquired an oval shape and became severely damaged. With flexstands, however, sleeves are stored vertically to maintain dimensional integrity. In addition, flexstand storage can be expanded to allow for more sleeves as a company grows.

6. Sturdy and Durable

Flexstor is arguably the highest density storage system in the world. This means that you can store thousands of sleeves in a flexstor without worrying about the stability of the storage system. Besides, the dynamic flexstor storage racks allow easy access to the sleeves from any direction.

7. Easy to Assemble and Install

Since most of the flexstor designs feature very few parts, they are easy to assemble and install. The powder-coated finish also makes cleaning the storage equipment simple and easy. They are also easy to move around, especially the flexcarts, which feature wheels.

Flexcarts come with a number of accessories for all storage requirement. These include sleeve carts, scrub carts, air shaft carts, and ink carts.

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