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7 Tips For Designing An Effective Business Card

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When you have your own business, it is important to have a business card available to give to potential customers and clients. The best cards are ones that have more than just contact information and a business name on it. Effective cards are ones that are attractive and draw attention from your prospects. Below are some simple design rules to follow that will help your cards better represent your brand and business.

1. Put Important Information

Business cards are limited in space, and you should use that small amount of space to put important information about your business, products, services and brand. It can be tempting to use a small font size to include more about your business, but putting too much on your card can lead to information overload. Keep your cards simple and memorable. If you want to learn more information, The Printing House may be able to provide you with additional resources.

2. Make Cards Legible

With the unlimited design options available when it comes to designing your business cards, it can be tempting to choose fun and crazy fonts. However, you want to ensure that the font you choose for your cards is legible and easy to read. The more effort a potential customer has to put into reading what is on your card, the less likely they are to give you their business. Keep the text on your cards simple and straightforward.

3. Don’t Overload Card

Most recipients of business cards will not memorize every aspect of the card. Instead, they focus on the most important and eye-catching information on it. When it comes to the design perspective, having white space left on your cards will allow recipients to draw their attention to that space and read the text or memorize the logo easier.

4. Don’t Skimp On Quality

If you are a new or small business, you may look for ways to save here and there. When it comes to your business cards, it is best to have them printed professionally. When your cards do not look professional, recipients may not get the best impression of your products or services.

5. Design For Intended Audience

If you have multiple businesses, consider using both sides of a business card to complement both of your ventures. However, this should only be done if both of your businesses are related to each other.

6. Special Touches

When choosing special touches, make them relevant to your brand instead of trying to look cool. There are various options available, including die-cuts, rounded corners and unusual shapes.

7. Add Call To Action

The main purpose of a business card is to entice recipients to give you their business. Because of this, be sure your business cards have some kind of call to action added to them. This could be in the form of discounts, loyalty reward programs or other enticing offers.

As you can see, there are many tips to take into consideration when designing business cards for your organization. The design of your cards needs to be thought out carefully to save money and be sure they are effective.

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