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7 Limousine Etiquette Guidelines for Passengers

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Have you ever rode in a limo? If you have, I’m sure you loved it! However, if you have not, it is about time! A limo ride can be exciting. Arriving at a party or any other event in a limo is always an event in itself. Everyone takes notice.

While you can ride a limo to any event, they are especially suited for parties, anniversaries, weddings, prom nights, or for a night out with friends. A great limo service is guaranteed to impress. Besides, you will enjoy the convenience, comfort and in-car entertainment as you drive around.

If you find yourself in a limo, you should follow these limo etiquettes.

1. Treat the Limo Driver with Respect

A limo driver is not your ordinary cab driver. He or she is trained to provide you with a professional service of the highest standard. It is important that you be courteous when dealing with him or her. Being rude to a limo driver is inexcusable.

2. Inform the Limo Company How Many You Will Be

It is important to notify the company how many people will be riding with you. This will inform the choice of vehicle they will avail to you. If for some reason the number rises, inform the company as soon as possible so they can make available the most convenient and comfortable vehicle for you and your team.

3. Get in the Right Way

Getting into a limo requires tact and finesse. The limo driver is trained to help people just like you to get into the vehicle the right way. To avoid clumsiness and mishaps, let the driver open the door for you. That is part of his or her job. Sit on the first empty seat and then pull your legs in for a flawless entry. Now that you are in, you can gracefully settle in your preferred seat.

4. Avoid Scuffles

Even if you will be drinking and dancing the night away, you should as much as possible avoid getting into a scuffle with other passengers. Fun is good, but not when it ends in a fight. It is terrible to engage in fights inside a limo. It is just not good limo etiquette, however pissed off you may be.

5. Learn and Follow the Party Rules

Chances are that the limo service does not allow clients to smoke inside the vehicle. Respect this rule without huffing and puffing about how unfair the stipulation is. It’s important to check with the company whether alcohol or smoking are allowed inside the limo. Be respectful and tactful while you are in the limo.

For instance, swearing or shouting at the driver is a flat out no. Whatever you might think about them, they are just doing their job to keep you, the client, as happy as they can reasonably make you feel. At the end of the day, like you, they are also human. Make it easy for them to serve you.

6. Don’t Trash

It is important that you leave the limo as neat as you possibly can. Do not leave empty cans, bottles, or wrappers strewn all over. It is especially irritating to throw drinks and food at other passengers. Leave the limo almost as neat as you found it. Remember, some companies charge for a cleaning fee if you mess the vehicle too much.

7. Always Tip

If you rent the limo for a regular ride, a 15% tip of the rental fee is recommended. For a special outing such as a party occasion where the passengers are in an obvious party mood, the limo driver would grateful for a 20% tip.

While riding in a limo is a unique experience, there are certain limo etiquettes that make for a flawless limo experience.

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