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7 Hottest Trends for Modern Dining Rooms

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The dining room is one of the most central places in any home. It’s where the family meets for meals and conversation. It is not a place for discussing serious detail-laden stuff. This is a place of rest. A place where you can let your guard down, sit back, and just relax. It should, therefore, be a comfortable place decked with the right furniture, warm colours, wall hangings, decorations and soft lighting.

Gone are the days when a dining room featured a couple of seats and tables beside plain wall colours, a couple of chandeliers and normal humdrum lighting. Today’s dining rooms feature much more in terms of ambience and décor. A dining room is no longer just a place, but an experience as well. Below are a number of dining room furniture trends that are already redefining the 2018 dining room experience.

1. Wall Decorations

Walls are becoming a canvas where art and art objects are increasingly taking their space. Some of the décors that are making once -plain walls come alive include the use of marble, classic wood panels, and stone. One can also have wall mirrors, vertical gardens and plates on walls. The extent of the creativity you can bring to your wall is only limited by your imagination.

2. Wood Panelling

Panelling, especially wood panelling, is another trend that is redefining 2018 dining rooms. Wood has many benefits, among them a remarkable ability for thermal insulation. Wood also ages gracefully and enhances outdoor and indoor air quality. It also brings warmth and a natural look and feel to a room. It also renders itself highly practical to minimalist designs. Consider wood panelling if you are focused on an elegant and warm dining room.

3. Marble

Marble dining room table tops are becoming quite a trend in 2018. Marble is also being used on selected sections of the room’s walls to give your wall a design pattern that augments the rest of the room’s appearance.  Marble gives your dining room a luxurious, elegant look. One can select from a variety of colours to complement the rest of your dining room décor.

4. Bench Seating

If you want to create a more relaxed atmosphere, consider using bench seating in your dining room. This trend is emerging as a top contender in 2018. There’s no need for high-backed, stuffy chairs. There’s no need for a uniform look. Instead, bench seating can create a more homey feeling. It’s often used with rustic styled dining rooms, but painted or acrylic benches are also excellent options for modern or coastal interiors as well.

5. Murals and Wallpapers

Wallpapers and murals are common choices when decorating dining room walls. Their popularity appears unstoppable even in 2018. They provide a lot of diversity and are relatively inexpensive.

Wallpaper designers are experimenting with various artistic wallpaper designs by playing with texture and imitating marble or wood and other natural patterns of plants and flowers. The wallpaper design possibilities are boundless, and are only limited by a designers imagination.

6. Playful Chairs

Think outside the box when it comes to your dining room chairs. You can select a variety of different mis-matched chairs to create a more free-spirited atmosphere. Whether you’re mixing and matching the chairs’ colours, materials, or shapes, choosing playful chairs can liven up your dining room. Just remember to have one detail that’s consistent within each piece.

7. Creative Use of Colour

Modern dining rooms are creatively using colour to liven up the dining experience. Different colours set different moods and can be used to seamlessly blend or contrast with other dining room furniture. There are many varied colours and shades that you can pick to make your dining room come alive.

Trends in dining room furniture and décor in 2018 are being fueled by a combination of factors. Among these are the use of colour, wallpapers, marble, plants and furniture that is aesthetically designed with both functionality and comfort in mind. It’s also notable that zen minimalist designs appear to have stubbornly persisted into 2018 as well.

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