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7 Fitness Benefits of Kickboxing

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Want to burn calories fast? Try kickboxing. Kickboxing is arguably one of the most high-impact and fun sports to participate in. It’s a total body workout that is highly effective in burning calories and blasting fat. Kickboxing combines other sports such as martial arts, boxing, and aerobics, which require little or no equipment. Besides being highly engaging and exciting, it comes with the following fitness benefits.

1. Burns Calories

Kickboxing is a high calorie-burning activity. You can burn between 275 and 450 calories in a half-hour of a kickboxing workout. A one-hour kickboxing session can see you burn up to 900 calories!

2. Improves Cardiovascular Health

For cardio workouts that keep your heart racing as it should, kickboxing sessions improves your endurance, circulation of oxygen in your blood, and cardiovascular strength with every kick. Kickboxing requires a well-toned and muscled body that is able to make fast-paced movements that keep your heart racing from the beginning to the end of a kickboxing session.

3. Full Body Workout

A kickboxing workout is a total body workout. It involves most parts of your body. To work out your upper body, kickboxing engages hooks, uppercuts, jabs and crosses that leave your arms, chest and shoulders totally worked out and tired in just a few minutes. For the lower body, a kickboxing session applies front kicks, round-house kicks, and side kicks to tone your thighs and butt within a short time.

4. Improves Coordination

At the beginning, coordinating your body to move at the right pace and to throw those jabs and kicks at the right intervals and impact can be difficult. However, a kickboxing instructor will guide in adopting the perfect pace and help you focus on proper technique and movements. As each workout builds on a previous one, the sessions gradually become more intense as you graduate to advanced combinations. The impact of this is that you will have better balance, flexibility, coordination and sharpened reflexes.

5. Relieves Stress

Are you looking for an effective stress reliever? Besides the physical benefits of kickboxing, the sport has great mental benefits. It not only relieves your stress, but it also improves your confidence. Next time you have a challenging project that’s stressing you, consider throwing a few round-house kicks as you picture your project unravelling before your eyes. There are very few sports that can make stress disintegrate the way kickboxing does.

6. Boosts Confidence Levels

Endorphins released during a kickboxing workout give you a mood boost and increase your confidence levels. These endorphins also keep you elated hours after the workout. So, if your confidence meter is running low, consider hitting the kickboxing ring for a few rounds of kicks and jabs.

7. Enhances Your Posture

Being hunched over a computer the whole day can affect your posture. An intense kickboxing workout at the end of your day will work those muscles in your body that hardly get activated during the day. Some of these are core muscles around the wall of your abdomen, which will take a few hits during a kickboxing workout. Maintaining the right balance requires perfectly aligning your waist and working on your abs to be able to execute those perfectly synchronized moves. Soon, your back will be straighter and your core will be stronger.

Kickboxing workouts benefit both your mind and body. If you have been out of shape and are interested in getting fit again, kickboxing provides you with an effective total body workout regime. Your entire body will scream and complain after the first few sessions, but after that, it will adjust and become your ally on the journey of to becoming healthier and happier.

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