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7 Best Catering Food Dishes for Parties and Events

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Regardless if you’re having a wedding reception or a retirement party, you may need to hire a caterer. There’s just no better way to make the most of a celebration of any kind other than having food. Everyone loves catering food at parties and events.

Naturally, you’ll want to pick the best foods that others will love eating at any event. Below is a list of the best catering foods that can please your guests and even having them coming back for seconds:

1. Shrimp and grits

Shrimp is one of the best catering foods because it’s delicious and accessible at the same time. Adding a bit of protein from shrimp and combining it with grits is sure to make any taste buds sing. Many caterers enjoy serving this combination because of how the flavour in each food brings out the best in the other.

If you’re having more of an elaborate get-together, you may want to consider serving portable shrimp and grits. This means placing the shrimp into a cute martini glass and decorating it to look elegant.

2. Brunch buffet

The time of day that you have your event should be thoughtfully considered before picking out your catering menu. Offering a brunch buffet could be the key to entertaining your guests and keeping the entire guest list well-fed.

Many of the best catering food dishes that you can serve at your brunch buffet include bagels, cream cheese, fruit, bacon, eggs and so many more. The catering options are entirely endless if this is the type of meal you wish to serve.

3. Sushi rainbow

The foods you offer can impact the overall look of the event. For instance, you’ll want to add colour to help the food display look spectacular and enticing.

Having your caterer make a sushi rainbow could be the key to making the right impression instead of the wrong one. Doing this means there will be a colourful display of sushi on an open tray.

4. Pretzel station

Who doesn’t love pretzels? Having a pretzel station at your next catering event is sure to make this one of the most sought-after ideas in the area.

This is a fun theme that can allow your party, ceremony or reception to stand out with ease. Talk to your caterer about serving pretzels of all sizes and sitting up a small space with these.

Doing this will allow your guests to place a pretzel order and enjoy the time spent at your lovely get together.

5. Hawaiian ham and pineapple sliders

There’s nothing like adding an attractive and tasty side dish or snack to the catering menu. It’s likely that most of your guests will love ham and pineapple sliders.

Putting slices of ham on Hawaiian rolls with a touch of pineapple is sure to trigger any taste bud. These are simple but delicious, and it’s likely there won’t be any of this left once the event has ended.

6. Barbecued ribs

One of the top meats many of your guests are sure to love may be barbecued ribs. These are bound to be a hit at any event because of all the taste and flavour these do have. You may want to collaborate with your caterer and make suggestions about the number of spices you want in your ribs. Choosing mild but flavourful barbecue sauces is sure to appease your entire guest list.

It’s critical to consider the number of people you’ll have in attendance to ensure there are enough ribs to go around for all. This is an ideal option if you’re having a grilling event during the height of summer.

7. Ribeye steaks and baked potatoes

Getting in the right amount of protein each day can be challenging but doesn’t have to be at your next event. Serving ribeye steaks with a side of baked potatoes is guaranteed to make the party a hit. Your caterer can easily ask any of the attending guests how well or medium the steaks should be cooked. This will only take a minute to do and is sure to help this food taste suitable to the individual needs of others.

Additionally, baked potatoes are a great side dish to ribeye steaks and can allow your party to be well-fed. This tasty combination will fill up even the heartiest of appetites, and this is ideal when having many guests present.

Finding the best caterer in your area shouldn’t be that hard to do, but it will take some effort on your part. Do a bit of research and look for good reviews to assist you with making the right choice. Having a list of the best catering foods you want to be served and prepared beforehand can help you make the most of this event.

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