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7 Benefits of Compostable Packaging for Businesses

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These days, consumers are looking to their favourite brands to offer compostable packaging. Consumers even go so far as choosing a brand based on their eco-friendly packaging options. In today’s day and age, positive environmental practices matter more than anything to the average consumer. This makes it more important than ever for your business to make the switch to compostable packaging.

It’s important to note that compostable packaging still produces the same benefits as regular packaging. At the same time, compostable packaging offers additional benefits that are unique and not easily replicated, which we’ll discuss in this blog post.

We hope these benefits of compostable packaging will convince you to switch to more eco-friendly packaging options. With so many things ending up in landfills worldwide, this is a nice way to do your part for yourself, your business, your customers, and the environment.

Check out the seven best benefits of compostable packaging for your business:

Benefit #1: Sustainability

Since compostable products are constructed from natural organic matter, such as renewable plant materials, they are much more sustainable. The plant materials will grow back and there will be more available resources to make future packaging from.

According to research, adopting commercial recycling of compostable products can bring down the amount of time needed for full composing from 180 days to around 50 days. This is a huge difference!

What this means is that more compostable products can be manufactured and recycled back into the market within the shortest time possible. All of this helps to promote a greener world, where the environment is looked after with care. If your business is looking for a good way to reduce its carbon footprint, compostable packaging is one of the best ways to accomplish this goal.

Benefit #2: Versatility

Whatever industry you’re in, chances are you’ll be able to find a compostable packaging option to house your product. One of the great things about compostable packaging options is that they can be used for one product (such as food products, for example) and then be used for something else down the line (such as technology products).

The more compostable materials your business uses, other companies in your industry will also be incentivized to switch to compostable packaging options. Who doesn’t want to be an innovator in their industry?!

Benefit #3: Free of Toxins & Allergens

Compostable packaging options are non-toxic . Since some consumers take this into account when purchasing a product, it’s always nice to be able to say that your packaging is free of toxins and allergens. This type of packaging is a better alternative for the environment and accommodates people with particular sensitivities.

Benefit #4: Positive Brand Image

Like we mentioned in the introduction, consumers are looking to brands, and even choosing brands, based on their use of eco-friendly packaging options. When your business adopts these types of packaging, it automatically provides a positive image for your brand.

It shows that you’re not just concerned about your bottom line. You also care about the environment and offer packaging that reflects that. Recent research shows that consumers feel more positive feelings about a brand when they chose packaging made from compostable and recycled materials.

Compostable packaging is not only better for the environment, but also feels better to consumers. When they buy your product, they’ll know that they aren’t harming the environment in doing so. It’s really a win-win for both businesses and consumers alike.

Benefit #5: Expands Your Customer Base

More and more consumers are becoming environmentally conscious. They are looking for brands that share their beliefs. When your brand makes the switch to compostable packaging, you will impress your current customer base. Plus, you will attract new customers, who start to notice your brand because of the eco-friendly practices.

It’s always nice to get a boost in customers, especially when the cause is as worthwhile as saving the environment. If you’re looking to expand your business, going green with your compostable packaging can be an excellent choice.

Benefit #6: Competitive Advantage

As customers grow more concerned about the environment, every business is expected to do their part to help protect the environment. With more and more businesses moving to eco-friendly operations, you don’t want your business to be left behind competitively.

Eco-friendly packaging options will be trending this way for years to come, so it’s best to make the switch sooner rather than later. The earlier you jump on this eco-friendly packaging trend, the more competitive you will be compared to other businesses who haven’t adapted these same practices.

Benefit #7: Lower Production Costs

Since compostable packaging is made from natural materials that will return harmlessly to the earth, you are reducing the amount of waste that would be put into landfills and cause greater harm to the environment. This helps to reduce the amount of unnecessary waste generated during production.

All of this helps to lower your production costs, especially if you are selling large products that require lots of packaging. Over time, the financial benefits of compostable packaging will tally up. You will be consuming less materials, while reusing and recycling more, which can boost a healthy bottom line.

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