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6 Ways to Stay Safe When Shopping Online

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If you are an online shopping lover, you should definitely check out this online store, but in order to stay safe during that process, make sure to read this list until the end. We bring you some of the most useful tips to stay safe while shopping online, and in the world where the Internet scams are something that happens on the everyday basis, it is of a huge importance to protect yourself. Nevertheless, knowing exactly where to shop and choosing only verified sites and sellers is quite enough for the beginning. We all definitely like the fact that we can sit home or in the office, or simply shop while traveling, as the biggest benefit of these online stores is exactly the fact that everything is far away just for one click. No need to get up, dress up, wait in the line – everything you need is your credit card, PayPal account, or anything else that you use for the Internet payment, and your shopping heaven may start. But, let us first check out some of the best ways to stay safe when shopping online. This will include some pieces of advice regarding your account, but also payment options, and tips about sellers. Let’s start!

  1. Don’t buy from unverified sellers

Buyers always have the option of leaving feedback to sellers after buying something from them, so make sure to always check that out. If the seller has more negative than positive comments, you should think twice before ordering something.

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  1. Stick to secure websites

There are tons and tons of websites that offer many things to sell, and you should definitely be aware of this fact. If you want to buy online, stick to secure websites, and before buying something, always check the comments on the Internet.

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  1. Create strong passwords for your accounts

Having a strong password that will also be easy to memorize is the most important thing in this regard. Don’t create passwords using your date of birth, name and surname, or the names of your kids and pets. This is something that may be easily guessed.

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  1. Make a new e-mail address for online shopping

If you have one e-mail address that you use for your job or school, you should not use it for online shopping. Make a new one, and let it be your e-mail address that is used only when you log in to these online shopping websites.

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  1. Don’t let shopping sites save your information

Although you have a very specific address and strong password, never let those shopping sites save your information, let alone information regarding your payment details. You never know who can use, or better said, misuse your computer or mobile phone when you are not near.

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  1. Think about making a PayPal account

If you like buying things on eBay, for example, the best option is to have a PayPal account, as you will be protected in cases such as not getting your item, or when your item is not as described.

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