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6 Tips for Living in a Loft

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Lofts have always had a romantic reputation, as well as a creative, inspiring, and sometimes a fairy-tale like side. However, they also have the other side that resulted from poor tenants’ experiences from the lofts, primarily due to insufficient construction and isolation. Like everything in life, the lofts have their own good and bad sides; however, these things definitely depend on who you are asking. In simple words, lofts leave no one indifferent, and the thought of living in the loft can equally cause enthusiasm and repulsion. It is important to mention that there are almost no identical lofts.

While you may find a loft where everything is full of beautiful, almost forgotten carpentry masteries, with heights that often exceed five meters, there are also those small ones, that may have a spectacular window overlooking the street. Life in the loft is very special. Specificity, uniqueness, and design skills are key ingredients of a quality apartment in the loft, and the need for compromise and high aesthetic potential go hand in hand. To help your life in such a place go smoother, this article brings you some tips for living in a loft. Check it out!

1. Colours matter!

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You don’t want to play with colors when you have only one living space, without walls to divide it. It is why you should choose one bright color, or combine colors that all work together, to make a perfect harmony.

2. Be smart when it comes to your furniture

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If you want to have a harmonious surrounding, make sure to stick to one style when it comes to furniture. Don’t mix some vintage pieces with some modern ones, as it will not look natural, and will seem to be rather untidy and not that pretty.

3. Lighting is the key

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If you don’t get enough light in your loft, artificial light may also help, so you should use pendant lights hung all over the place, such as over the dining table or over a sitting area.

4. Rugs may help you to divide your space

Photo credit: chicago.curbed.com

You should choose larger rugs that may cover a sitting or a sleeping area, and in that way, those areas will entirely be covered by rugs, and your space will be easily divided. For example, in the living room, choose a large rug that can go under your sofa, chairs, and a table.

5. Storage is essential

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The hardest thing about lofts or small spaces, in general, is to establish a proper storage. The main thing you should do is pick one wall and build storage in terms of shelving, cabinets or closets. Make them all fit on one wall!

6. Open-backed shelving is also a good idea for dividing space

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What you must do while living in the loft is create a room-within-a-room, and open-backed shelving is just one more way to make this happen. This will also be very interesting visually, but it may be practical too, as you may keep things there, such as books, vases, candles, and bowls.

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