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6 Senior Exercise Routines to Do at Home

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Balance and muscle strength are essential for anyone to remain healthy no matter how old they are. Balance is something that can always be improved upon through practice. It is very important as you get older that you exercise regularly to ensure that you always stay in great shape.

As falls are one of the more common ways for seniors to injure themselves, it is even more important that you keep yourself in the best possible shape. By performing a few simple exercises every day, you will be able to increase your ability to balance and move with confidence. The best part is that we’re not talking about you heading out to the gym and lifting weights. All of these senior exercise routines can be done in a few minutes from the comfort of your home:

Exercise Routine 1: Standing on one leg

This senior exercise routine is simple enough to do at home or at a retirement home. Balance is vitally important and you need to make sure that you are practicing this on a daily basis. You might feel a little silly at first but standing on one leg for as long as you can comfortably, will dramatically increase your ability to balance. You should make sure that you switch legs and repeat this exercise.

Until you are more comfortable with this exercise, you should make sure that you hold onto something solid as you do this. Remember, as with all of these exercises, it is not a race so take your time and ensure that you are performing the exercise safely.

Exercise Routine 2: Heel to toe walking

This is an exercise that will improve your balance as well as strengthen your leg muscles. Start by putting your right heel touching the toes of your left foot. Then place your left heel touching the toes of your right foot. Repeat this walking motion for 20 steps. This is something that you can do at your leisure. Just make sure that you pace yourself. It is ideal if you have something to brace yourself against either side of you if you are doing this exercise for the first time.

Exercise Routine 3: Arm Rotations

This senior exercise routine is a variation of standing on one leg. You should make sure that you have a chair or high table to help you with your balance. Standing on one leg and holding your arm straight out in front of you is that starting position for this exercise. With one leg still off the floor and your head straight ahead, move your arm in a half circle while still keeping it level with the floor. Do this 3 times with each arm before switching the arm you are moving and the leg you have raised off the ground. This exercise helps with balance, muscle tone and overall coordination.

Exercise Routine 4: Leg Raises

Leg health is very important to you as you get older. You need your legs to be strong so that they allow you to move freely around your home. Declining leg health and mobility can be a major cause in the decline of your health as you become more and more sedentary.

Forward leg raises are simple to do. You should begin by standing with your legs together and slowly raise one leg forward, then placing it back down. Alternate between both of your legs. The goal should be to raise your leg as high as you can each time. Remember that this is a marathon, not a race. By doing this every day you will feel stronger and more stable with each workout.

Exercise Routine 5: Standing push ups

We’ve focused a lot on the legs so far, but you should not neglect your arms. By keeping up your overall strength you will be able to be much more confident in your older years. This exercise is essentially a push up that you perform while standing against the wall. This is much easier than a regular push up where you are pushing against your whole body weight.

Stand an arm’s length in front of a wall that doesn’t have anything on it like windows or paintings. Start by leaning your upper body against the wall and then push back slowly. Be careful not to push back with too much force as you don’t want to fall backwards. You should aim to do 20 of these in a row.

Exercise Routine 6: Calf raises

This is great for improving your balance and the strength of your lower legs. To perform this exercise you need to stand with your feet together and slowly raise yourself up on the balls of your feet, then back down to the ground. This movement focuses on your calf muscles. As with any of the exercises it helps to be mindful of the muscles that we are focusing on. My actively engaging them you will see greater results and more benefit from each movement.

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