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6 Positive Attributes of Futons

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Futons are a versatile and useful piece of furniture. They provide many benefits for those who own them, and are usually purchased for their ability to double as both a bed and a couch. People appreciate the futon’s dual purpose – it is like having two pieces of furniture for the price (and space) of one!

While people may not immediately thing of purchasing a futon when looking for a new piece of furniture, when presented with all of the futon’s incredible benefits, it may be difficult to overlook.

1. Choice of style

There are many styles of futon which include futons that look just like couches but fold down into a bed and futons that look more like beds but fold up into couches. They may come with armrests or without, and the frames can be made of different materials like metal or wood.

The frame can be any colour, and may have a removeable mattress on a base, or cushions that are attached and create the base. The possibilities are endless, which means that those who are looking to invest in a futon will easily be able to find something that matches their style and preferences.

2. Space saving

The reason most people invest in a futon is quite simply because of their versatility. People can easily host guests with a comfortable bed, while not taking up the space of a bed all the time. It is easy to flip the bed up during the day if needed, or allow it to be left out for the duration of the guests’ stay. Regardless, whenever necessary the bed can be folded up to make space, which can be an incredibly useful feature for people who don’t have a lot of extra room to spare.

3. Inexpensive

In comparison to a bed or a couch, futons go for significantly cheaper, while providing the benefits of either one. For people who require comfort and style, but who are on a bit of a budget, the futon is the perfect option. With the ability to look just as classy as any other piece of furniture, futons can ring in at hundreds or even thousands of dollars cheaper than their couch or bed counterparts – and they are more versatile and useful.

4. Comfort

While people may prefer a bed for their nightly sleeping, a futon can do a very good job if that isn’t an option, and it is an excellent option for guest rooms. Futons have become increasingly comfortable over the years, and now are able to provide a restful night of sleep to anyone who may need it.

5. Variety

Futon providers have also become more creative over the years. It is now possible to get different types of futons. For example, a single-bed style futon can come in the style of a chair, and would fold in half horizontally instead of the traditional vertical split. Others split three ways vertically, and can be double or queen sized. Furthermore, people can also choose to customize their futon in order to get the exact size they need for their comfort, space, and style.

6. Mattresses

Even futon mattresses offer choice. Just as someone would choose a mattress for their bed that fits their preference, the same can be done with a futon mattress. The firmness of the mattress can be soft, medium, or firm. In addition, futon mattresses can be made from a variety of materials, including memory foam, memory foam, cotton, or fiber. They can also have springs or pocket coils. Many futon mattresses can be made to feel just as comfortable as a regular mattresses.

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