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6 Most Common Types of Injury Claims

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‘Personal injury’ refers to any type of hurt or damage that is done to a person causing bodily hurt or damage. This ‘hurt’ or ‘damage’ caused to a person is based on severity and duration.

Seeing as every claim is different, knowing what is considered ‘personal injury’ can be hard. That’s why, you’ll find the most common types of personal injury claims that are filed below.

1. Neck and Back Injuries

Neck and back pain can have devastating consequences on someone’s life. If the individual is unable to move their back or has suffered a strain they will likely not be able to complete normal daily activities such as driving, housekeeping or childcare. These injuries may seem minor at first but have the ability to last for months if left untreated. That’s why, if you’ve suffered from an injury caused by someone else that resulted in back and neck pain, you should consult a lawyer immediately.  A lawyer will be able to assess your specific case, gather the proper evidence, and present it to the courts for you.

2. Spinal Cord Injuries

If you have suffered a spinal cord injury, you should contact a professional immediately to review your case. This type of injury is severe, persistent and long-term.  Damaging your spinal cord has the ability to change a person’s life forever and should be compensated as such. Everything from a minor bruise, to loss of mobility and paralysis can result from a spinal cord injury. In these cases, it is vital to hold off on accepting a settlement as the long-term care needs may not yet be known.

3. Head and Brain Injuries

Head and brain injuries can have life-long impacts on the victims. Head injuries can be hard to detect as the victim may not have even known they suffered from one. However, the impacts can be severe and result in a loss of mobility, and functioning. If you have suffered a head or brain injury be sure to speak to a lawyer to handle your case and ensure you get the settlement you deserve.

4. Breaks and Fractures

Even though breaks and fractures may seem like a minor injury to file a claim for, the severity of a broken bone can leave a person crippled. For example, a broken femur will result in weeks of bedrest, lost wages, and high medical costs that should be compensated. Fractures can also have long terms effects on an individual because it means a bone is more prone to future breaks. This vulnerability could result in future damage and medical costs which is why it is best to contact a lawyer to investigate your claim.

5. Slips and Falls

Property owners are responsible for keeping their land tidy, free of hazards and with clear walk ways. If the property you fell and injured yourself on ignored safety, and it resulted in your injury you could be eligible for a claim. These claims can be hard to prove as it is up to you to demonstrate that the property manager was intentionally negligent. That’s why, it is best to speak with a lawyer as they can give you some much needed insight.

6. Assaults and Intentional Injury

Compared to the other claims above, assaults and inflicted injuries are caused with intention. These types of cases often involve a criminal case against the assailant, which is why a lawyer should represent you. Navigating the legal system can be tricky and you wouldn’t want your case lost based on a minor technicality. Plus, a trained professional can file a personal injury suit alongside the criminal charges on your behalf.

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