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6 iPhone Camera Apps You Should Definitely Check Out Right Now!

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When Steve Jobs unveiled the first ever iPhone to the world back in 2007, the world was taken aback by the idea of a smartphone which had an entire touch-based front panel. With nearly 6.1 million units sold, it comes as no surprise that iPhone has been greeted with open arms by the consumers, making it the pioneer in smartphone manufacturing.

You might be confused by the title as the hardware of an iPhone is already top-notch and comes bundled with features in the default camera app. This, however, doesn’t change the fact that different apps have different algorithms for utilizing the hardware.

Here are 6 iPhone camera apps you can try if you’re looking for the perfect snap:

1. Camera+


Although being a paid camera app, the Camera+ comes bundled with features worth every penny. Considering the minimal amount you pay, you will be amazed at the wide range of exposure settings along with multiple flash customizations which allows you to take detailed low light pictures. At $3, you cannot expect things to get any better than what Camera+ offers. Of all the apps listed below, Camera+ comes with the most overwhelming set of features, so you might consider using the apps listed below first before using the masterpiece.

2. MuseCam:


MuseCam is a camera app-cum-photo editor built right within. The app gives you control over the ISO and camera shutter along with focusing and white balance. The highlight of this camera app is that it lets you create your own filters via adjustment tools to alter saturation levels in your images to give them the look you want. The best part? MuseCam is free!

3. VSCO:


The VSCO camera app is one of the best outcomes of iOS app development services. The app features some out-of-the-box photo editing capabilities along with many photo filters to suit the theme of the picture. The app contains a funny yet amazing ‘face overlay’ option as well. The most interesting feature in this app gives you the control to take pictures in RAW mode, but that depends partially on how recent your iPhone is. The older versions might perform slightly different in RAW mode settings than you might expect.

4. ProCamera:


At $5, ProCamera comes with power-packed features that are bound to amaze you. With its features and an active iOS app development services team, you are guaranteed to get more than what you spend on the app itself. The developers of this app are so dedicated to their jobs that they entirely made a new app instead of updating the existing app when iOS 8 was launched. The current version of the app is totally optimized for iOS 10 and offers some unique effects consisting of exposure control and full-resolution previews along with an enhanced night camera setting to help you rule those low-light images.

5. Manual:


As the name suggests, this app gives the user manual control over the camera so that they can make the best use of their hardware and lighting conditions. The exposure settings are extraordinarily accurate, and the shutter speeds adjustments are beyond your expectations. If you’re used to taking pictures with manual control over the camera, this app is perfect for you. Plus, the user interface for this app is quite friendly for everyone. The app opens in automatic settings by default, ensuring that people who do not know their hardware that will face no trouble. At a price point of approximately $4, this app can’t get any better than this.

6. Halide:


At $5 and an average rating of 4.3/5, Halide is definitely a camera app worth trying. With special emphasis on capturing details in the pictures, halide surely delivers all its promises. This app is apt for newbies who are keen to develop manual photography skills, with a smooth transition from the automatic mode towards the manual mode. The focusing capabilities along with the UI of Halide are amazing and are definitely worth your while.

With the advent of technology, smartphones replaced those big bulky cameras despite having a digital working mechanism. The portability and endless customization options have made the smartphones rule every bit of the photography scenario. Why don’t you give these camera apps a shot to see what suits you best?

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