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6 Interesting Facts about Being a Lawyer

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Becoming a lawyer is not easy, as it requires a lot of giving up and working very hard. While studying, law students usually need to spend more time studying and learning some things by heart, such as laws, legislation, declarations, etc. On the other side, a good thing after graduating is the fact that many doors are open, and lawyers can perform many tasks and jobs. If you dream about spending your life in court and working at different cases, you will need to pass a bar exam in order to become an attorney. In general, there are many possibilities, and you may choose your field of interest.

Depending on your preferences, you may become a business lawyer, also known as corporate lawyer, employment and labor lawyer, finance and securities lawyer, intellectual property lawyer, family lawyer, and many other types of lawyers. In general, there are both advantages and disadvantages of being a lawyer, but this list will describe some interesting facts about being a lawyer.

1. This is one of the oldest professions

An interesting fact about being a lawyer is its historic origins. As it dates back from the Ancient Greece period, it can be freely said that this is one of the oldest professions that is highly relevant and important even today. Of course, it was not the same during that period regarding many things, especially considering the fact that lawyers were actually orators or public speakers who served as advocates for people speaking in front of a jury.

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2. You will be paid a lot

I know this is a highly relevant fact for many aspiring lawyers, especially after highly demanding studies. If you become a lawyer, and if you prove yourself as a professional, you will have a chance to be highly paid. The high salary is definitely one of the positive things about being a lawyer. Of course, this also comes with the experience, so don’t expect miracles to happen right after you graduate.

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3. You will have many sleepless nights

There are not many lawyers who can simply work during their office hours and forget about the job once they come out of it. Many lawyers are actually forced to take their job home, and especially attorneys who work at some complex cases. So, if you like sleeping a lot, rethink your decision.

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4. A Lawyer Must Pass an Ethics Test

Here’s a fun fact about lawyers that many might not know. In order to become an attorney who practices law, one must pass a strict ethics test called the Model Rules of Professional Responsibility Exam. Working with different clients and on some highly confidential cases, attorneys must make sure to understand the importance of providing the sense of security and confidentiality. In this profession, a client always comes first.

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5. Numbers matter

When it comes to the United States, according to 2011 statistics, there were around 1,245,205 licensed lawyers, and almost half of them were in private practice. When it comes to salaries, an average lawyer here earns between $100,000 and $200,000 a year. This also depends on years of experience and many other factors.

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6. Stress will be your companion

This is definitely a bad side of being a lawyer, but it is somehow inevitable. Of course, the stress tends to decrease over years, as you become more professional and learn how to accept everything simply as a part of your job. But, until you get to that point, make sure to give yourself some time to breathe!

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