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6 Comprehensive Facts About The Gairdner Foundation

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The Gairdner Foundation is a foundation that gives awards to scientists in the health and biomedical sectors who have done great research and achieved great accomplishments in the name of improving human health and improving knowledge about human health.

The foundation was established in 1957 by James Arthur Gairdner and gives out seven awards every year to professionals around the world who are improving fields surrounding human health.

1. The Gairdner Foundation keeps its mission at its core

The Gairdner Foundation always keeps in mind its mission improving the quality of life for humans, and to improve the health of human beings worldwide. In doing so, the foundation awards and recognizes the people who have made exception achievements in the areas of health and biomedical research.

2. Many awards are given out

Each year the Gairdner Foundation gives seven awards to winning nominees around the world. As of 2018, 380 awards have been given to scientists around the world who have made significant positive contributions to the quality of human life worldwide. Almost a quarter of these winners so far have gone on to win a Nobel Prize. These winners are normally nominated by people within the scientific community.

3. The Canada Gairdner International Awards

Among the seven awards the Gairdner Foundation gives out every year, five of them are the same.

The Canada Gairdner International Awards are given out each year to biomedical scientists who have discovered something or contributed something through their research or work that greatly increases the human knowledge of disease and human biology. Each year five of these awards are given out. These awards go to biomedical scientists who have made exceptional contributions in the field of biology. The contributions made by these scientists must be original and it must be one noticeable contribution, not a collection of accomplishments made over a lifetime.

4. The John Dirks Canada Gairdner Global Health Award


One of the seven awards is the John Dirks Canada Gairdner Global Health Award. This award is given out to a scientist whose work and/or research is expected to greatly aid people’s health, specifically in the developing world. This award does not require that the impacts are currently visible, but that they are expected to make significant positive changes in this field in the future. The award is for someone who specifically has made science-based contributions, it is not meant as much for people on the leadership or administrative side of things. This award is newer, only 8 years old as of 2018.

5. The Canada Gairdner Wightman Award

One other award that is given each year is the Canada Gairdner Wightman Award. This award is only available to Canadians and is given to a candidate who is a leader in medicine and medical science. This Canadian candidate must be an exceptional leader in this field, and their leadership must coincide with the mission of the Gairdner Foundation. This award can also be given to someone who has achieved exceptional leadership in an institutional academic environment in Canada which lead to the advancement of national and international biomedical research.

6. Nominating somebody for a Gairdner Foundation award

Someone nominating a person for an award with The Gairdner Foundation must have a complete knowledge of this person’s accomplishments. The information must be of high quality and it must be as in-depth as possible. Details are important when nominating somebody for any one of these awards, and accuracy in those details is imperative. All information should be current, and there must be supporting letters and documents to corroborate and highlight the ground-breaking accomplishment(s) and/or discoveries of the nominee.

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