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6 Business Growth Opportunities with CRM Systems

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Your organization’s growth is dependent upon your customer relationships. You will need to manage these relationships as effectively and efficiently as possible.

You can use relationship management technology to improve your business performance, become more connected to customers, and grow your company. Here is how a real estate CRM can help grow your business.

1. Find Customers

You can spend all the time in the world attracting and generating new leads, but what next? Do you pass those on to your sales team? Do they know which leads are the hottest? When your real estate business is small but growing quickly, you need to make the most of your time and marketing tools by connecting marketing automation, email, and social networks with a CRM platform. Both your marketing and sales teams will be able to see leads and prospects so they can best use communications that will transform prospects into customers.

2. Build Better Relationships

When you have a complete view of a customer’s business with your company, you will be able to base your relationship on mutual success and trust. Find out what matters to your customers, and have follow-up actions for the end of every exchange. Put notes into your CRM so you will know where you left off.

With the right CRM, you will know how to recommend the right promotions and products, or any other content that might be relevant to a customer’s interests. Your clients will love that you can provide a personal experience, and when your business gets bigger and busier, a CRM platform can set up task reminders, email templates, and enable telephone calls that will help you stay on track to connect with your customers easier and faster.

3. Offer Better Customer Service

You can have great products, but if the customer service that goes with it is sub-par, you won’t be very successful. Don’t send multiple marketing promotions to your prospects. Follow up with customers after a sale. When your whole team can access each client’s history, anyone on the team will be able to offer quick and personalized solutions and messages.

4. Reduce the Cost of Sales

Did you know that the likelihood of selling to an existing customer is between 10 and 12 times higher than selling to a new prospect? New customers are definitely a major requirement for continued growth, but it costs money to get them. A CRM system can help you improve sales efficiency, boost your sales effectiveness, uncover referral business, and increase your cross-sell and up-sell opportunities.

5. Increase Productivity

Real estate agents who use the full range of their CRM advantages will be much more likely to be high-performing. The right technology will free up your teams from tasks that would otherwise cut into time they can spend connecting with customers. You can automate manual operations like entering data or hunting for contact information. Full automation across marketing, service, and sales will give your people more time to spend strengthening relationships with existing customers and talking to prospective customers. A great CRM will automate tasks so your teams can focus their time on selling.

6. Improve Customer Retention

When your team has access to all your relationships, they can proactively address any at-risk accounts and give satisfied customers with the right opportunities at the right moment in time. When you invest your time wisely to offer more satisfying service experiences and purchases, your customers will keep coming back for more. These strong relationships will continue to pay off for many years to come.

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