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6 Benefits of Moving to Canada for Immigration

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Canada is a country known for its natural beauty, safety, kindness, free public schooling, universal healthcare system, and fantastic job opportunities. In 2018 alone, over 300,000 people made the move to Canada!

Are you thinking of also making the move? Admittedly, moving to a new country can feel stressful at first. On moving day, you will have to manage a lot of complicated logistics, although movers can make this process much easier. Once you’re settled down, however, you can begin enjoying the perks of moving to Canada in the long term.

Check out these six benefits of moving to Canada as an immigrant:

Benefit #1: Universal Healthcare

One of the best benefits of moving to Canada is their universal healthcare. Its healthcare system is among one of the fairest and most accessible in the world.

Healthcare is funded by government taxes and is managed by each province. The individual provinces provide their residents with health cards so they can access public healthcare for free every time they need it.

As a new citizen to Canada, it will typically take around three months to receive yours. Once you have it, you can visit the doctor for free, have surgery for free, and even access psychiatrists in hospital settings for free.

Benefit #2: Job Opportunities

Canada is the land of opportunity! If you’re looking to expand your career opportunities, moving to Canada will provide you with access to jobs in many different sectors. Thanks to its growing elderly population, a lot of people are currently retiring or set to retire in the coming years. This opens up many more jobs in the country.

Another great thing about moving to Canada is that unlike other countries, you can immigrate there before having a job. This gives you a chance to explore different opportunities once your move is complete.

Many jobs in Canada offer fantastic salaries as well as comprehensive benefits packages, including extended health care, dental, and prescription drug coverage, among others.

Benefit #3: Safety

According to the Global Peace Index, Canada is rated as one of the safest places to live. If crime is rampant in the country you currently live in, or you’re constantly in fear of your safety, this may be a huge draw for you.

Thanks to things like low crime rates, low military action, low gun ownership, and a peaceful government, Canada can boast itself as a city that is both safe and comfortable to live in.

When it comes to guns, in particular, ownership is almost four times less than our American neighbours to the south. The process of obtaining a gun license and firearms in Canada is very strict and lengthy. Canadians generally feel pretty safe, so they don’t find a need to own a gun.

Benefit #4: Education

Canada has a free public schooling system for all children no matter which province you decide to move to. This goes from around age 4 to 19, depending on the province or territory.

After that, students pay for their education, but compared to other countries, the cost is a lot lower. This is especially true in the province of Quebec.

On top of affordability, Canada is also home to some of the best universities in the world. There include McGill University in Quebec and the University of Toronto in Ontario.

If you’re looking to get a great education at a top university, moving to Canada is a great choice.

Benefit #5: Freedom

All Canadian citizens are treated equally under the law. This protects citizens from all forms of discrimination, whether that be in the workplace or in general.

The Canadian government values all people and strives to provide a nation where you can express your ideas and opinions in a safe environment. Canadians are allowed to peacefully protest and stand up for what they believe in without prosecution.

Canada also strives to provide women with equal pay, nurture diversity, and welcome immigrants with open arms.

Benefit #6: Natural Beauty

From ocean to ocean to ocean, Canada has vast, sweeping, and beautiful landscapes and scenery no matter which province or territory you land in. Vast mountains ridges, crystal-clear lakes, Northern Lights, ancient trees, barren badlands, and wildlife are just some of the sights you’ll be able to enjoy.

If the outdoors is something that appeals to you, there is no shortage of outdoor activities to do in Canada year-round. Whether it be hockey, swimming, curling, or ice skating, there is so much to do in Canada that we promise you’ll never get bored!

As a newcomer to Canada, the government will assist you with getting settled. From helping you find your child a local school to employment workshops, there is so much in Canada that will make you feel welcome from the moment you first arrive. Canadians want to make the transition process as easy as possible so you can rest assured that moving to Canada will be as easy and stress-free as possible.

We wish you the best of luck in your new home!

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