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5 Valuable Lessons You Learn From Martial Arts

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Martial arts come in many styles. One of the earliest forms of karate training that teaches students about stances, balance, breathing and agility is Kata. Kata generally relates to a set of movements designed to teach students the skills they need and include movement, power and focus.

With many levels of kata, students will spend a considerable amount of time learning these physical movements and techniques. But martial arts aren’t just a physical endeavor. There’s a lot of mental work involved as well.

Following are five other things you may not know about martial arts:

1. There are many levels you can attain.

From beginner to the most expert, there are a number of levels of status that can be achieved. Each level progresses through the fundamental skills and movements that are critical to the success of the martial artist. We’ve all heard of the different colored belts that practitioners earn, with black belt being the highest, but there are also degrees within those levels as well. Learning martial arts is not a quick process, with many students spending their lives improving their skills to attain the next level.

2. It’s not just about competition and dominance.

Focus, self-discipline, and fun are some of the key components to being a successful martial artist. Being able to defend yourself is important, and through martial arts, you’ll gain the knowledge and understanding of how to do this but it’s not about breaking boards or causing pain.

3. Martial arts can be practiced by anyone, at any age.

Whether you’re seven, or seventy or somewhere in between, if you want to learn martial arts you can. Find a dojo that offers classes to all age groups and all levels of experience. Respect, courage and control are all important components in martial arts and these can be exhibited at any age. Martial arts, if they are to be learned properly, are studied over long periods of time and are not a “quick fix”.

4. Martial arts require a clear mind.

To achieve a clear mind, you must be self-less, gentle, humble and most importantly, courteous. It is only through a clear mind that you can truly learn about self-control, become truly dedicated and maintain your determination. Understanding and humility also contribute to a clear state of mind and can help you achieve your dreams.

5. Developing your mind and spirit is limitless.

As we age, our physical abilities and our physical beings deteriorate and slow. But building your mind and spirit is endless. In a perfect world, karate training lasts throughout your lifetime and helps you become strong in spirit and mind, as well as in body. Students of a senior age often find that karate helps their concentration because they can clear their minds and focus their energy better.

If you’re interested in studying martial arts, look for a facility with highly trained instructors who know about more than just the physical aspects of the sport.

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