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5 Uses of Real Estate CRM Software

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Customer management can encompass a variety of things; from strategies, to systems, tools, and more. For companies that rely on providing a service; client management is vital to their success. This is especially true for real estate agents who rely heavily on leads, referrals, and persistence to grow their business.

If you’re an agent, you’ve probably struggled to maintain a database. But, failing to do this, often means potential leads get away, and you forget about former contacts. A simple solution to make sure you never fall behind again is a CRM. A CRM is a customer relationship management tool that can easily be integrated to your business to make sure you never forget to follow- up again.

1. You’re Unorganized

If you have lists of clients saved into difference spaces, sites and templates; it is vital you condense it to one. Not doing this means you can easily lose important contact information or quickly have it fall out of date. If you are unable to get in touch with your database, the connection you worked so hard to get will inevitable be lost.

When you start to use a CRM tool, it can condense all of this data and streamline your contacts. These tools can help you focus your follow-up’s, and seamlessly input new leads from multiple streams. This means, you don’t have to worry about manually uploading and potentially missing a lead because a CRM tool will be linked to all of your other social media and websites.

2.  Respond Immediately

Forgetting to respond to a new lead, or client is a simple mistake that can make them look else ware for an agent. When you use a real estate CRM tool, automatic and instant responses can be sent immediately to new leads. You are able to tailor a message that will be sent as soon as a new lead comes in. This eliminates the worry about following up as you know a response will be sent out.

3. Automate

As it was mentioned above, a CRM is a great tool to relive some of the workload while ensuring nothing is forgotten. A CRM will not only be able to automate the first message sent to a new lead, but workflows and contacts can be automated and personalized based on your preferences. This is not limited to new leads but can be used to follow-up with old clients as well. For example, upon closing you can put in a ‘1- year home anniversary’ email which will ensure that 1 year from the closing date, your clients are getting a friendly follow-up.

4. Gauge Analytics

A CRM is a vital tool to gauge your client’s engagement, and test potential marketing strategies. A CRM will be able to tell you information such as: how many people open your mail, how many click on the links inside, and when the most activity is coming from. This information is important because it can give you valuable insight to what is working, and what is not. This means, you can quickly tailor your tactics to what is engaging.

5. Keep You in Touch

Because a CRM can be so closely integrated with your other social media platforms it can draw in additional information that you may not have on your database. For example: birthdays, anniversaries or specific interests. Having this information readily available on a CRM can help you find unique ways to keep in touch with past clients. This means you can remain relevant, helpful and engaging.

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