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5 Tips to Keep Your Wooden Watches in Great Condition

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Wooden watches offer a greater fashion statement. They match a range of styles and can offer full value for investment in the latest watch products. But if you’re about to buy a wood watch, it’s important you have a clear understanding about how to maintain the product. Our team has great experience in this area, and in this latest post, we’ll provide our five tips for maintaining wooden watches.

1. Keep the Product Out for Extreme Temperatures

The temperature in the environment is an important consideration when using wooden watches. Make sure that you keep the piece away from extremely hot or extremely cold conditions. That’s because the wood of the watch can become extremely brittle at these temperatures. This is a natural reaction of the wood within the material, and so there are several measures you should take to eliminate the impact on the watch.

For example, if you’re driving for an extended period of time, you might try to keep your watch out of the sun. You should never leave the watch in your vehicle for an extended period of time during the peak winter or summer months. And you should check for changes in the timing within the watch, as any slowdown could indicate temperatures have had an impact.

2. Dry with a Soft Towel

While the vast majority of wooden watches can withstand a small splash of water without sustaining significant damage, it’s important that you don’t submerge your watches in your water. This can cause irreparable damage that will require you to buy a new watch.

If you do happen to get water on your watch during normal use, such as in the bathroom or kitchen, then you might consider patting the watch down with a soft towel. Make sure the material is soft before use, otherwise you risk scratching the components of the watch, causing significant aesthetic damage.

3. Store the Watch Carefully

One of the most common ways in which users damage their wooden watches is when placing the watch in storage for a vacation. If you’re about to head away for a few weeks, and you’re considering storage options for your watch during travel, try to avoid simply placing the watch loose in a suitcase. This can lead to extensive damage due to chipping and scratching against zippers and other objects.

You might also experience water damage if you have placed liquids such as body wash in with your luggage. Simply place your wooden watches in a watch box during the trip and then you can enjoy the journey without worrying about the condition of the watch.

4. Consider Battery Replacement Every Two Years

One of the leading mistakes watch owners make is believing that once a watch stops working, it’s no longer of use. Oftentimes, the watch simply requires the battery to be replaced to restore its functionality. Make sure you replace the battery at least every two years, or as recommended by the manufacturer.

5. Only Trust Experts for Maintenance

If you require your watch to be maintained or repaired in the coming years, speak with a specialist on your repair options. Make sure that specialist has significant experience dealing with wooden watches, and ask them how they plan to complete the repair before it begins. This can ensure the ideal repair is completed on your watch.

Your wooden watch can bring you many years of style and joy. Make sure the follow the guidance in this post to keep the watch in its peak condition, and speak with experts in your area to determine any further maintenance steps that must be taken.

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