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5 Tips for a Successful Work Permit Application

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You have received a job offer in another country. You will need to apply for a work application. Here are 5 tips to help you through the process, giving you the best opportunity to receive the work permit that you seek.

1. Apply early

Many countries in the developed world receive large amounts of immigration applications per year. Therefore, if you are looking to immigrate, you need to start the process early as processing times can be longer. This is especially true if you have to apply for a work permit for a specific start date.

As soon as you decide to apply for a work permit, do not delay in doing so. Before applying, check the checklist of all documentation you will need. This is all information that is required for your application to have a chance at success. If you do not have everything, chances are it will be rejected.

2. Confirm Labour Market Opinion (LMO)

An LMO is a document requested by a prospective employer in the country you are looking to immigrate to. It confirms that there is no permanent resident in that country able to do the job he/she wants to hire you for. In doing so, the employer is demonstrating why you need to be hired and your work permit application should be processed.

Before applying for a work permit, confirm with your prospective employer that they requested an LMO and that they have received it. You may also want to consider attempting to obtain a copy of it. Including it with your work permit application will boost the chances of it being accepted. It will also save the immigration officer from confirming its existence which can lead to quicker processing times.

3. Confirm application is complete

The last thing you want to happen is your work permit application being deemed as incomplete after you worked hard to fill it out and compile all required documents. This can result in delays and outright rejections, two things you cannot afford to let happen.

Before submitting your application, go over everything and ensure all fields are complete and accurate to the best of your knowledge. Also go over the checklist provided to ensure you have all required documents. These include your passport, photos, family information, the application for a work visa, and proof of relationships with family members who will be joining you.

4. Consult with an immigration lawyer

There is a good chance that this may be your first time applying for a work permit and some parts may be confusing. It may also be possible that while your comprehension of the language native to the country you want to relocate to may be good, there still may be barriers. Consequently, it is beneficial to consult with an immigration lawyer.

An immigration lawyer can review your application and ensure it is completed adequately. He/she can also ensure that you have all documentation required. Since immigration lawyers are experienced, they may know people in immigration offices. As a result he/she may be able to get information regarding wait times or the reasons for any delays that may occur.

5. Check status frequently

Advances in technology have given rise to a great number of conveniences and the ability of people to be able to serve themselves in a timely manner. This is especially helpful when it comes to checking the status of your work permit application.

When you apply for a work permit, whether by mail or online, chances are you will receive a reference number in return. This allows you to check the status of your application online either by giving the number to a telephone agent or entering it online. Doing so will allow you to determine the status of your application. Checking your status is recommended because in the event it is listed as incomplete you can take steps to remedy the situation before it is rejected altogether, causing you to start over or wait a designated time period.

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