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5 Surprising Health Benefits of Goat’s Milk

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North American consumers are turning away from cow’s milk in droves. The dairy industry has taken a significant hit in recent years as shoppers select beverage alternatives, such as soy milk, goat’s milk, almond milk, and a myriad of other tasty drinks. In fact, industry observers expect cow’s milk sales to be on the decline for another few years.

So, why exactly are consumers shunning a classic staple of our diets for so long? That’s easy to answer: we want to take better care of our health and our children’s health. Yes, cow’s milk, especially chocolate, can be delicious, filling, and beneficial. But nutrition experts are learning that there are far more benefits to consuming goat’s milk.

Everything from more protein to helping the planet, perhaps it is time that you made the switch, or at least complemented your cow’s milk drinking with goat’s milk drinking. Want to be convinced? Here are five health benefits of choosing goat’s milk over cow’s milk:

1. There’s More Protein in Goat’s Milk

Compare this, if you will:

  • A glass of cow’s milk contains 3.4 grams of protein.
  • A glass of goat’s milk contains four grams of protein.

Protein is essential to a long, healthy life. Moreover, the rich goat milk protein is a lot better for you than what’s imbibed from cow’s milk.

2. Rich in Calcium

Once again, compare this, if you will:

  • A glass of cow’s milk has 120 milligrams of calcium.
  • A glass of goat’s milk has 134 milligrams of calcium.

One of the reasons why we have been told that we need to drink more cow’s milk is to build and maintain our bones from all of the calcium. However, as it is evident from the previous figures, goat’s milk is a lot richer in calcium than cow’s milk.

3. A Glass Can Support Your Metabolism

Researchers have discovered that there is a connection between the consumption of goat’s milk to a strong metabolism, which is being attributed to the ability to metabolize iron and copper. This is especially crucial for those who have problems with absorption of nutrients and digestion.

4. Stops the Accumulation of Toxins

Farmers do their best, but under today’s conditions, cows are not treated in the best ways.

For instance, to increase milk production, cows are injected with bovine somatotropin and bovine growth hormones. In other words, cows suffer from a lot of toxins, which is then passed down to those who are drinking cow’s milk or eating steak.

Goats do not have such problems. In fact, experts have revealed that goat’s milk is far less toxic and more nutritious than cow’s milk because it isn’t as prevalent in Big Agriculture.

5. It’s Better for the Environment

Many consumers want to find the right balance between feeding themselves the right foods and beverages and doing what is right for the planet.

Indeed, cows are populated rapidly by farmers and they take up a lot of land. Not so for goats.

On average, six goats can live on the same amount of acreage as two cows. That is pretty impressive to find out. Overall, due to their size, the quality of output, and the lack of mass production, goats are better for you and the environment.

Some shoppers may scoff at the notion of goat’s milk. They have may all sorts of misconceptions about the taste and texture of goat’s milk. They won’t know until they try it.

Anything originating from cows are metastasizing into toxic, low-quality products. They are just horrendous for us, which is why more and more people are transitioning to a diverse array of alternatives, such as goat’s milk or rice milk.

Yes, it can be difficult at first, but you will become accustomed to it. And you’ll be glad you made the switch after just the first week or two!

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