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5 Reasons for Plastic Surgery

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Aesthetic, plastic and reconstructive surgeries deal with the correction of aesthetic defects and beautification of the human body. With its numerous abilities, it provides the face and body with a better look and it exists to provide a better quality of life, to restore or raise self-confidence. The self-esteem of a human being in terms of one’s own appearance cannot be interpreted objectively. The solution to this problem lies in the fact that a plastic surgeon fully understands the patient’s dilemma in order to achieve mutual understanding and agreement between the patient and the doctor. Professionalism on both sides is very important in this case, regardless of whether a person want Botox, breast enlargement, or a correction of some other defects on the face or body. However, there are many reasons why people decide on plastic or aesthetic surgery. This list will deal with the most common reasons people state when identifying for plastic surgery. Let’s have a look at them!

  1. Massive weight loss

This is one of the reasons most often given by people who have suffered obesity for a very long time. After managing to lose their weight and after changing their habits, there is still a lot of excess skin that is impossible to be removed without the surgery, being the reason why they decide to remove it with the help of professionals.

  1. Accidents

In most cases, after people survive some accidents, there are still some marks or scars that cannot be removed just so. It is why plastic or cosmetic surgery is inevitable in these cases, especially when scars are in visible places, such as on the face.

  1. Birth defects or birthmarks

Many people are born with certain marks or deformities which make them feel uncomfortable and less worthy throughout their lives.  These marks or deformities can definitely cause severe physical and emotional handicaps, and these birth defects are one of the most given reasons for plastic, cosmetic, or reconstructive surgery.

  1. Improving self-esteem or self-image

Many people decide to undergo plastic or cosmetic surgery just for the purpose of improving their self-image and self-esteem, and that is completely fine. Although they are often criticized for not being able to love themselves for who they are, the issue is at times much more complex that we are actually able to understand. Undergoing such treatments does not hurt anyone, and if it helps people feel better about themselves, we can’t and should not do anything but show our compassion and support.

  1. Cancer

This horrible disease is at times the biggest reason why people decide to undergo plastic or cosmetic treatments. For example, women who had to do mastectomy after suffering breast cancer mostly decide on doing a reconstructive surgery. This is not necessary, but in most cases, it makes them feel better and this is one of the ways in which they manage to achieve reconciliation and accept everything that happened to them while fighting cancer.

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