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5 Popular Types of Promotional Gifts for Your Business Clients

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There are a variety of products and promotional gifts out there that can help complement your marketing objectives, sales goals, or business philosophy the day of an event, party, or even trade show. To know what’s right to represent your brand, you should consider what your audience will respond to, and what lasting impression the product will leave. How will the promotional gifts you give your clients or audience members make them want to work with you and keep buying from you?

Keep your business fresh and growing. Consider the benefits of these promotional gifts for your next company outing:

1. Pens

You can honestly never go wrong with a pen. They’re an easy way to brand your business and get your customers or leads thinking about you on a daily basis. Pens are used in the home and workplace very often. Put your brand, literally, in the palm of their hand.

2. Coffee Mugs

Coffee mugs are another great promotional gift, whether you are a business and technology firm, clothing or beauty brand, or something else. Match your colors to the mug. Add your company logo to them, and hand them out to guests. Coffee is a pretty typical beverage for the average office worker to have in the morning, but, of course tea-drinkers can use them, too. They leave a lasting impression for the warmth and sentimentality they bring to your customers’ days.

3. Notebooks

Though we live in a digital age, during office meetings or even throughout the school day, if your customers are likely to be parents, are used. Consider how you start breeding new generations to become interested in your brand. Maybe the promotional gifts you are giving out aren’t just directly for your customer, but for their extended family or friends. That level of brand awareness will get you far the more it is spread with promotional gifts or tools like this.

4. Jackets

Jackets are not only great for your company’s team members to have on hand during outings, but you can also use them as door prizes or giveaway prizes. Consider having customers that walk by your booth, for example, at a trade show, drop their business card in a hat or bucket, and then selecting 10 winners to receive branded jackets. This could give your sales reps the opportunity to network with potential clients by offering them free delivery from your team members.

5. Umbrellas

Though umbrellas are a bit unconventional compared to the rest of these promotional gifts, that uniqueness could offer your company an advantage. While all other companies or brands may be handing out pens at a trade show, your company could hand out something like this that’s practical and customizable to reflect your brand.

If you’re visiting a territory where the climate is typically muggy or rainy, for example, this could emphasize your dedication to research and the customer’s lifestyle. The possibilities are pretty fantastic when you consider that element of thoughtfulness.

When it comes to selecting the right promotional gift to hand out at your next company event, party, or trade show, you want something that will reflect your brand in a customized way. Personalized marketing gets businesses far nowadays, and you must be considerate of every step. Establish a wide range of promotional gifts and products that offers brands a comprehensive solution to reaching their customers in personalized ways.

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