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5 Packing Tips to Make Your Work Easier When Moving

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Moving from one house to another can be an overwhelming task if not well planned.  If you are, therefore, considering moving house with minimum hassle, it will be worthwhile for you sit down first and go through all the things you will be required to do. The following are some nifty packing tips for moving house that you can adopt.

  1. Sort Out Things First
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Spend time looking through the various categories of things that you own.  Ensure you make a list of all the categories of things in your house including your important documents, shoes, books, and pictures. For example, you can start by sorting the clothes.  Separate the ones you want to dispose of from the ones that you are using. You can donate to charity or decide how you want to dispose of them.  The idea is to get rid of unnecessary and rarely used items around you.  Moving house provides an opportunity for you to declutter your space completely. You will be forced to make a decision about some of the items that you have been clinging onto out of sentiment other than functionality.  The ease of the whole process of packing will be determined by how well you manage this step.

  1. Choice of Moving Companies
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Getting a credible moving company is critical.  Choose one that is reputable and offers professional services.  You may depend on a referral from a friend or take time to search for one online.  Ensure the company you choose has been licensed to operate in the state in which you are residing. Familiarize yourself with the list of services offered by the company and their policy on refunds and damages. It will be good to compare prices from different service providers.  Discuss all pertinent details with them before the D-day to avoid last minute hitches. It is good to settle for a mover a month or so early to give yourself time to plan. Agree on the possible dates for moving. Pick the time of the month when the rates are cheap.

  1. When to Start
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Do not wait until the last minute to start packing.  You will be less stressed by packing a little every day than to try and do it all in one day.  You can start packing the things that you do not need immediately such as keepsakes and mementos. Fragile items such as art and decorative items need special handling.  You need to take time to ensure they are well secured to avoid damage. The walls may look dull and dreary without them but packing them hurriedly may result in damage.

  1. Where to Start
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It will be hard for you to remember all the things you need to do.  You need to have a “to-do-list” for moving.  Capture whatever comes to your mind immediately no matter how obvious it appears.  Do not overlook any detail; calling family members and friends to help with the move.  Informing babysitters for your children of your move – write down everything!


  1. What You Need
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Some of the things you will require include packing tape, packing paper, cardboard boxes.  The electronics you have will need special packing. Since you may not have the original packages that you bought them in, you can use bubble wrap or quilted blankets to cushion the items during transit.

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