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5 Most Common Problems with Home Security Systems

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There are numerous reports claiming that the modern home security systems are easily compromised and hackable. It is just a tip of the iceberg. According to a renowned cybersecurity analyst Brad Casey, IoT devices are encouraging hackable homes through wireless mediums.

1. Insufficient Coverage For Entire Home

This is one of the topmost complaints from all the home security systems owners around the world. Their alarm system, or rather, the security system collaboration don’t seem to cover the entire breachable areas.

It is also reported as one of the most crucial bugs in almost all the security alarm systems manufactured and distributed around the globe.

Most of the times, it the particular owner who is to be blamed as he/she fell trapped of the low budget security systems offered by the companies. Guess what? these packaged deals don’t cover all the entry points of the home and hence, leave you unprotected from any well-planned theft or robbery.

How to Fix it?

This one is completely up to us. If we, as homeowners, don’t go for packaged deals offers by some of the companies, and just go by the logic of home security’s original purpose. If you ask yourself, the prime purpose of your home security system is to provide you security from any form of harm. Harm can enter your home from an unprotected balcony or an unmonitored window.

Deal with this with common sense. Put the cameras in all the possible entryways and even if it loosens your pockets a bit. Save your family.

2. Lack of Primary and Backup Monitory Systems

These days, homeowners are not concerned about live visuals and are mostly dependent on DIY packages which only offer alert messages on users’ phones and emails. This trend is resulting in a lot of thefts being caused due to lack of primary monitory systems.

The lack of primary monitoring system is not a sole issue to deal with in this scenario. Many owners do not opt for backup monitoring systems. This is outrageous and leads to house breaches. If the primary monitoring system goes down for some time due to any form of a technical glitch, how will the security station connect to the user’s device? One hell of a problem this is and very less number of people are aware of it.

How to Fix it?

Don’t go for deals which don’t involve primary and secondary monitoring stations and are meticulously offered by some of the prime security system providers. A 3rd party monitoring involvement is much needed these days and you should not shy from purchasing them.

3. Calibration Issues with the Sensors

It is reported that the majority of homeowners who have installed security systems are a bit lenient towards their own security. In order to avoid the tension of falsified alarms, the owners calibrate the devices in a lenient and risky manner. How many of our pets have triggered the alarms due to the motion sensors? How will they know where not to walk if you won’t train them?

How to Fix it?

You need to call an expert and have your alarms re-calibrated from the scratch. It won’t take much time. Tell the expert what you are worried about like the false alarms going off everytime you go to the bed.

4. False Alarms

How many times have you woken up due to a false alarm triggered by some motion detected by the sensors? This is one of the most common problems we face as home security system owners. If the security system is not installed the way it should have been and the sensor gets triggered by any sound/motion it detects. Even the passing vehicles can trigger some alarms.

How To fix it?

If all the procedures are followed step by step during the installation of security systems, falsified alarms can be avoided. It is also important to call up for inspection and maintenance of the home security system on a regular basis.

Also, some of the filters can be set by the technician by which the alarm won’t be triggered off usual sounds or motion. However, be cautious of being extra lenient towards this.

5. Security Products Just Won’t Work Together: Incompatibility

Source: Flickr/ David Joyce

Is your motion detector going haywire because of the camera placed nearby? It is not completely unheard of. These electronic devices have strong electromagnetic fields around them which cause interference to other devices’ field and cause disruptions. Incompatible cameras, motion detectors, sound sensors, monitoring stations and other devices will form a faulty security system.

How to Fix it?

If you are going to assemble a security system, make sure that all the devices are compatible with each other from the ves=ry start. Otherwise, it is better to go for the entire system which the security company builds for you. They keep device compatibility in mind.

These were the top 5 problems and their fixes related to home security systems. Hope they have cleared your doubts.


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