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5 Interesting Plastic Surgery Facts

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Plastic surgery today is a huge business in the world and is mostly seen as a product of modern times. However, this branch of medicine dates back to the 16th century, while the Sanskrit text of Sushruta Samhita states that the brilliant Indian operator Sushruta performed the nose surgery 800 years BC. It is a medical branch that deals with the correction or reconstruction of parts of the human body, restoring their maximum functionality and normal appearance. The name itself comes from the Greek word: plassein, which means “to form”, and has nothing to do with any plastic implant materials that are embedded during aesthetic and corrective surgery. The aesthetic surgery itself today is synonymous with plastic surgery. However, although the most famous form of plastic surgery is actually aesthetic, it still includes many other disciplines such as reconstructive surgery, hand surgery, microsurgery, congenital anomalies surgery, surgical treatment of burns, etc. Plastic surgery is one of the most diverse surgical disciplines. There is a wide range of surgical techniques and every new one is a new challenge. Aesthetic surgery is no longer a taboo topic because today it is quite normal that, in addition to celebrities, many young people, but also some older ones, subject themselves to the charm of this kind of embellishment. The list will bring you some more interesting facts. Let’s have a look!

  1. Ancient Romans performed plastic surgeries

Of course, they did not do it in a way and for the purposes people do today, but it is interesting to know that they performed plastic surgeries as a means to remove scars. This was specifically done for the scars on the back, as they were considered as the mark of shame for the man who turned his back in the war.

  1. World Wars brought some new techniques

With an extreme number of injured people, medical workers and surgeons needed to improvise and bring them back to normal, being one of the reasons why they invented some new procedures and techniques in plastic surgery. This led to some additional inventions, that have been brought to perfection thanks to new technologies.

  1. The first breast plastic surgery was performed in Germany

Although this is one of the most famous surgeries today, it is interesting to know that all started in Germany, when a famous singer who had needed to undergo a breast surgery due to fatty growth on her back, which was removed and transplanted to her breast.

  1. Ancient Indians also performed plastic surgeries

In fact, it has been noted that one of the first plastic surgeries was performed in ancient India in 600 BC. It was a nose surgery, and it was very advanced considering the period, as they used skin from the cheek or forehead, removed it and used for reshaping of the nose. To ensure the fast healing process, they put wooden tubes in the nostrils for the purpose of the air passage.

  1. Bill Clinton rocks

Bill Clinton was the first US president to pass a bill that the cost of plastic surgeries should be covered under insurance policies. Interestingly, this law covered breast augmentation for achieving symmetry between opposite breasts.

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