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5 Interesting Places You’ll Find An Exhaust Fan

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Commercial exhaust fans are used in many different working environments to ensure that the air is clean and pure for the workers who may have to breathe it, as well as to ensure that any harmful particles in the air can’t damage the equipment.

Damaging substances or conditions in the air can include humidity or moisture, corrosive or hazardous materials, and potentially explosive or flammable materials. Commercial exhaust fans are used to get rid of these types of particles in the air to help maintain a safe, healthy environment.

1. Exhaust fans for kitchens

Commercial kitchens – like kitchens in restaurants, for example – need exhaust fans because of all the smoke and steam that can come with cooking. These restaurant exhaust fans are often exhaust hoods that are placed over the stove. They help to regulate the temperature in the kitchen.

It is also important to use exhaust fans specifically designed for kitchens in a commercial situation because they have special ducts called grease ducts. This is a safe way to help avoid grease fires in the kitchen. It is just important to know that these systems must be cleaned properly on a regular basis, or else this preventative measure could, in fact, become a hazard.

2. Exhaust fans in hospitals

Exhaust fans are an incredibly important feature in hospitals for patients and workers alike. Having a good quality exhaust fan system in place can help remove pollutants, bacteria, and allergens from the hospital that could be harmful to the patients staying there, especially those who are in more critical conditions.

Hospitals need fans that move air at an incredibly fast rate to ensure that the air has as little bacteria as possible, especially in operating rooms.

3. Exhaust fans in factories

Factories are often running for long hours every day, if not 24 hours a day, seven days a week – barring any breakdowns. Exhaust fans play a big role in keeping equipment cool and can be placed far enough away from equipment to still be useful, but not be in the way.

Exhaust fans also remove odours and fumes from the air. This is especially important in keeping the staff safe, as many fumes caused by factory machinery or by the products being worked with in a factory can be harmful when breathed in over a long period of time.

These fans can come with features that are good for filtering explosive or flammable materials, as well as other harmful chemicals that may be floating around in a factory.

4. Exhaust fans in underground mines

Underground mines don’t have a whole lot of fresh air, as you might be able to imagine. Not only that, but with all the digging and exploding that’s going on, there are all sorts of dust particles floating around, not to mention fumes and gases from machinery, explosives and even the ground. It can also get extremely hot down there because of the lack of fresh air and the amount of people, machines, and lights being used.

All of these factors – lack of fresh air, fumes, and heat – can be helped with good exhaust fans and ventilation systems. It keeps the staff in good working form, it keeps them safe, and it also keeps the mine safe as it removes harmful substances from the air.

5. Exhaust fans for warehouses

Due to the normally very high ceilings in warehouses, ventilation systems can actually help to stabilize the temperature of the building. It is also a very useful tool in ensuring moisture is not left in the warehouse, as moisture can be very damaging to the goods that are stored there.

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